Various Artists - Discordian Dreaming 6 (Harmonious Discord)

Every year at this time the Harmonious Discord label issues a new installment of its Discordian Dreaming series which gives a preview of what the label has in store for the year to come. This sixth annual issue is another superb collection of sonic sensations exploring the outer reaches of the musical frontier and showcases arising talent on the HD radar. Label heroes such as Vegenaut, Signal Deluxe, Smight, and Wirik join newer discoveries Ill76, Gians, El Natured, The Hermans, Joshua Kynd, and Christian Barbuto for a fantastic assemblage of diverse and boundary-stretching electronic sounds. Warehouse techno, moody downtempo, swingy tech-house, and deep, atmospheric machine music are all examples of the styles that can be found here though, in true Harmonious Discord fashion, more than a few of the tracks blur the lines between those designations. Dive in … there’s plenty to take in with a quality quotient that aims to impress.

Dave Taylor (Switch, Major Lazer) - “Tight!”
Orde Meikle (Slam, Soma) - “Nice tracks!”
Joshua Jacobs (Music You Need blog) - “Deep and dark sounds from the underground courtesy of Harmonious Discord. Smooth bass lines, soothing melodies, and funky drums make for quite the compilation.”
Summer (Tulipa Recordings) - “Very good release!”
Cheets (Global Dance Sessions) - “Some lush deepness here. The remix for ‘Day Dreaming’ is my pick.”
Steve Venom (Kozmik Hype) - “Classic style with today’s sound … will play!”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - “Nice pack of tunes.”
Paul Corey (Ibiza Voice) - “A nice, cosmic collection. Particularly ‘Lost Messages’ and ‘Pink Tangerine’ for me.”
QuestionmarQ (Red FM) - “Hard to pick a favorite … ‘Day Dreaming’ just pips it, though am very found of the Oskan remix and loving the driving hypnotic rhythm on ‘Pink Tangerine.’”
Andy Slate (Soulmate) - “WOW! ‘5th Objective’ is amazing … love it!”
Bobi (Global Movement, Club FM) - “Wow. Really needed this cool deep dosis for my ears. Will support it all.”
German MT (Como Las Grecas blog) - “Some really great tracks. Molecule, Ill76, and Wirik are all superb.”
Aldrin (Zouk Club, Singapore) - “I’m feeling the dubby-ness of Gians remix, ‘5th Objective,’ and ‘Pink Tangerine.’”
Maxim Ryzhkov (Free Ends Radio Show, Moscow) - “Absolutely great track from Vegenaut!”
Paul Corey (Ibiza Voice) - “A nice, cosmic collection. Particularly ‘Lost Messages’ and ‘Pink Tangerine’ for me.”

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Molecule - Day Dreaming (Harmonious Discord)

The label intelligentsia at Harmonious Discord have grown quite fond of the sounds of Brad Dale (AKA Molecule, Echo Conscious, and producer for Ishi). His projects have been an integral part of the Harmonious Discord sound with dance-floor works that can be both ambient and organic while keeping an element of sonic futurism and an ever-sharp techno edge. Thus the label is more than pleased to offer Brad, under his Molecule guise, for the 30th release, and a tune by the name of “Day Dreaming.”

"Day Dreaming" is a subtle story of the lingering memories ever present when love clashes with absence. Molecule has captured both the tension and resolve equated with the desire to be close with the use of dulcet tones and floating synthetic elements. Energy is propelled forward with the use of rhythmic breathing and then put to rest with a pad structure that dials in the perfect amount of variation. It also pulses and pumps for the after-hours nightclub set, making it an exotic addition to the DJ’s arsenal.

Four remixes offer some extra-cool interpretations of “Day Dreaming.” Lending his talents to the first revision, house music legend Brett Johnson delivers a main room banger that twists through elevated synth work, electro-inspired bass variations, and big washes of melody. Brett’s remix will rock the late night disco with a work that the label considers groundbreaking from this staple talent. Adding to the fire is deep techno pioneer Arthur Oskan, who was recently nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ by Juno Download for his A Little More Than Everything album. Arthur takes a slow burn approach to his re-work with an in-depth dive into an eerie late night space. His piece creeps with deliverance into dark territories, sprinkling vocal snippets with building anticipation. The resolve comes when an arpeggiated synth fills the soundscape and spirals the listener into the cosmic. Next up, in the spirit of the Harmonious Discord’s vinyl roots, a DJ Tool has been added for fun interplay of the vocal elements to compliment any selection. Lastly, “All Things Move in Cycles" is a bonus cut from Molecule, featuring a rotating cadence of intriguing tones and textures. His approach was methodical, even encompassing some circular ‘Steve Reich-esque’ melodies. The track nicely closes out another ambitious statement from Harmonious Discord.

Djuma Soundsystem - “I LOVE the ‘Day Dreaming’ original! Oskan’s remix and ‘All Things Move In Cycles’ are very cool, too.”
Android Cartel - “Both originals are really cool. I Dig the Arthur Oskan remix as well for really deep moments. Brett Johnson’s is great for those more intense moments.”
Alexi Delano - “NICEEE!!”
Motorcitysoul - “Loving the super deep Arthur Oskan remix!”
Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) - “Nice original and great remixes!”
Justin Harris (Freaks) - “Brett Johnson’s remix … PHEW!”
Three (Hallucination Limited) - “Both originals are amazing and ‘Breath-a-pella’ is super useful.”
Jota Wagner (Colors Sound System) - “The original is cool and I’m also digging the Brett Johnson remix …. big room!”
Will SumSuch - “Truly excellent moody house music. Both originals are really wonderful. The Arthur Oskan remix has a lovely light touch, too … proper!”
Jane Fitz - “Arthur’s ride is spectacular, one of the best things through 8DPromo for me in ages. Angry, melancholy… it’s a brute.”
Nutritious(Brooklyn Shakedown) - “Sometimes a great release just leaves me speechless.”

Also supported by Luciano, Diesel, DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray), Jay West, Benji Candelario, Tommy Largo, C-Rock, Makossa, Eddie Spettro, Murray Richardson, and Philogresz

Available now from Beatport