Rory Hoy - Flamingo at the Disco (Super Hi-Fi Recordings)

Rory Hoy returns to Super Hi-Fi Recordings with “Flamingo In The Disco”, a delirious dance floor number that draws heavily from the age of disco and classic summertime radio sounds. With an unstoppable beat, groovy synth riffs, funky blasts of horns and guitar, and uplifting vocals, “Flamingo In The Disco” could easily summon the specter of a shining disco ball in the darkest of rooms.

A stellar set of remixes have been beamed down from All Good Funk Alliance, Trotter, Ursula 1000, and the mysterious Mr. Moozit. AGFA accomplish the uber-groovy with a sleek version that twists the original elements into a future-tinged affair. Trotter adds some meaty breaks to the disco, while Ursula 1000 gives the cut a classic-sounding Arthur Baker-ish treatment. Meanwhile, Mr. Moozit debuts with a skippy house mix complete with rousing piano chords and punchy cut-ups of the vocals. What ‘cha gonna do, flamingo?

Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) – “I like both the funk bass of the AGFA remix and the 80's Italo Funk on the Ursula 1000 version. Hot stuff.”
Chris Massey (Paper Recordings) – “Love the flavors from Ursula 1000 here.”
Lenny Fontana (Ministry of Sound) – “Mr. Moozit makes a funky disco remix!”
Distant People (Soul Elements Radio Show) – “Super cool disco. This is the kind of track that fills the floor.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Great summer tune.”
Curtiss Logan (Jersey Soul) – “This is an awesome package, great job by Rory! Full support on this release.”
SimonG (Volcano Radio) – “Super slinky sounds.”
Daryl Dee (The Chewb Radio) – “Wicked package. All of the mixes give different vibes.”
Chango (101.5 FM KTKE) – “This track is fantastic, but the AGFA remix really brings the funk to 11.”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “Every single mix works for me. I love the disco and 80’s groove flavors on the first 4 mixes, but the Mr. Moozit Remix with those bounding keys is my pick!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Traxsource, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Juan Hoerni - Caviar Et Vin (Cha Cha Project Recordings)

A buoyant new single hits just in time for summer from Juan Hoerni, Los Angeles’s rising soulful house maestro, and his Cha Cha Project Recordings imprint. The Caviar Et Vin EP features three stunning deep vocal house cuts pulling from influences across R&B, disco, classic house, and Italo. Juan’s crystalline production and the gorgeous vocal delivery from Irantzu and Chezere make these tracks instantly stand out on the dance floor.

Caviar Et Vin”, the first of two songs sung by Irantzu, imagines a lost ‘80s club classic pulled from the soundtrack of a hip French film. A bouncing synth bass line, swirling pads, and a cooler-than-cool saxophone solo make this one perfect for night cruising. Irantzu continues with sexy French vocals on “Computer Love,” a song that deftly combines Rhodes piano, a vocoder hook, and the sound of a familiar robot friend into an after hours gem. On the third track, vocalist Chezere makes her appearance on “Unlimited Capacities”. Somewhat funkier with a groovy bass line and plucky guitar hits, the cut nicely builds, providing a satisfying treat for the house heads on the floor.

Greg Dowling (Fish Go Deep) – “I’m feeling the real deep vibe of ‘Unlimited Capacities’.
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite) – “I dig the retro sound of ‘Computer Love’.
Jeannie Hopper (WBAI FM, NYC) – “Fabulous and welcoming … the more tunes from Juan the better!”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House Web Zine) – “A truly ingenious release.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Brilliant Stuff. I love ‘Unlimited Capacities’, such a groove.”
Billy Butler (D3EP Radio Network) – “Lovely release! I’m liking all of the tunes here, amazing job.”
Jaymz Nylon (Nylon Recordings) – “I pick both the sexy and groovy ‘Computer Love’ and ‘Unlimited Capacities’.”
Stefan Popovic (DiscoTone Radio Show) – “This is so in the box. Hoerni doesn’t miss.”
Jon Wesley (Music Goes On Radio Show) – “I like all 3 tracks, but I love the 80’s vibe of ‘Caviar Et Vin’. Nice work as usual by Juan.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Juan Hoerni continues to make his own unique sound. This fusion of Italo disco, French disco and deep house is more than attractive. Soulful, pop and funk attitude follows each track which all of them have wrenching programmed synth work. You simply don’t know which track to play first.”

Available Now From: Traxsource, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.

The Deli - Jazz Cat (Cold Busted)

Austin hip hop beatrepreneur The Deli made serious waves with his previous Cold Busted album Vibes 3, featuring the song “Flowers.” This track shook up the Spotify world with over 14 million plays and inclusion on at least 500 playlists. Anticipation is strong for a follow-up from The Deli and, with his new album Jazz Cat, he delivers with gusto. Filled with the smoked-out, laid-back cut-and-paste rhythm-ology that The Deli is known for, Jazz Cat contains 15 enticing beat compositions. The title cut shows where he’s at, transmitting an old-is-new-again feel through scratchy snare snaps, loping piano chords, and faraway — both in time and place — city sounds. Other highlights include the dreamy lounge pressure of “Virgo Flip,” “Fractals” and its shimmering vibraphone atmospheres, the ‘hip hop party happening down the street’ vibe of “Spring,” and the crucial, jazzy beat construction of “Going Home.” Dig in … wIth Jazz Cat, The Deli trips the night fantastic.

Mr. Bristow (Subtek / Tru:Funk) – “Lovely jazzy vibes, great work.”
Pepe Link (Pacha Mallorca) – “Love it! I will play this during the summer nights.”
DJ Rahdu (BamaLoveSoul) – “Aces all around on this one!”
DJ Wash (Butter Music / Funk the System) – “I dig these jazz vibes.”
Rory Hoy (Super Hi-Fi Recordings) – “This is FANTASTIC! So reminds me of Pete Rock, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, J Dilla, Primo and the like, and is in the name league as those guys. Absolutely amazing.”
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) – “An exciting blend of beats and grooves, strictly in a jazz groove.”
Germo Robra (Copasetic) – “These tunes bring me into a perfect summer mood. A fantastic combination of relaxed beats and loungy jazz, with a hint of West Coast hip hop.”
Floored Capri (Kane FM) – “Dusty, laid back vibes. More pizzazz than Cameron Diaz … This is what I'm talkin’ about!”
MadameFLY - (mmRadio) – “A head-noddin' treat … sprinkle liberally over your next hot set to punch-up the flavor a little for the cats in the back.”
Clairvo (Tilos Radio FM 90.3) – “I wanna play all 15 of the tracks out. So tasty, catchy and proper they are. Right in the correct mood and vibe.”

Available Now From: Juno Download, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Futureworlder - Just Let It All Go (Whiskey Pickle)

Whiskey Pickle puts out a solid installment of psychoactive house with Brian Traister’s otherworldly Just Let It All Go EP. As Futureworlder, Traister gives a taste of the alternative planet of his imagination. The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer’s escape unfolds like the unforeseen house expression of a new age past.

The hazy sun rises over the horizon mirrored in the water as the opener “Forever” begins, awash with warm synths lapping at the shore while revelers weary from the night before are summoned by the steady rhythm of the kick drum to give it another go, tempted by the rising hi-hats and chunky bassline, dancing in the warm sand, only coming down midstream to cool off in the surf and then dance some more in the rising sun. “Energie” follows, quoting an old school, lush deep house flavor complete with warm, enveloping pads and echoing percussion. “I believe good can only bring good,” says the voice on the third offering “Altruism,” and repeats like the clear memory of a party-worn dancer whose flood of endorphins makes him philosophical, hopeful, and unreserved. The voice comes and goes, like a flashback after the night is over, powerful for a few moments, playing on a loop with psychedelic waves that swell and recede over a house beat. “Just Let It All Go” rounds things out, merging a chunkier rhythm section with hypnotic, shimmering synth arpeggiations and swirling strings.”

Nick Warren (The Soundgarden) – “A very, very good EP. 4 great tracks.”
Blueshift (Nurvous Records) – “Great vibe on these. “Energie” is really beautiful.”
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite) – “Love these. Dreamy and hypnotic to get lost in.”
Lebrosk (Mixmag) – “Yes yes! Can’t get enough of this one.”
Logan Fisher (Haules Baules) – “Very nice. Altruism is a real creeper.”
DJ Supafly (DJ Supafly) – “Love the funk-infused house beats, the dreamy keys and gritty basslines. Will do some damage in the late-night sets for sure.”
Ket Shah (Mucho Soul) – “Some powerful tracks on this release.”
Jon Manley (hOUSEwORX Radio show) – “Wow. Atmospheric House nailed right here, stunning!”
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) – “Deep, solid release rammed full of driving energy.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Shimmering sonics, cascading stabs and melodies synthesize this no place, no time, just space release… Deep dub space sound at its best. Housey trance for your mind, your body and your soul!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp.