What 8DPromo Can Do For You

We’ve been doing in-house promotion and publicity for the Eighth Dimension label since 1994 and, more recently, for the EIGHT-TRACKS label and my Q-Burns Abstract Message artist project. These years in the trenches have awarded us a huge list of contacts, many personal connections in the industry, and the experience to make it all work towards release awareness. In early summer 2008 we decided to take Eighth Dimension beyond its in-house duties and create 8DPromo, a full-fledged freelance promotions and publicity team. We draw upon our knowledge and accomplishments to help other labels in the electronic dance music community differentiate themselves and highlight their releases in an over-saturated market.

8DPromo will do this by introducing your release to a wide cross-section of worldwide figures in radio, press, club DJ’ing, artist bookings, and label A&R, These are the trend setters of your industry and the support of just a few of these key players can make for a hugely successful release. It’s an investment with great potential payback, and is essential for any label wishing to “step things up to the next level.” 

Why should you promote your releases?

With today’s plethora of digital labels and emerging artists it’s nearly impossible to stand out without proper promotion and publicity. 8DPromo’s experience and dedication can ensure that your release will be listened to and played out by A-list name DJs, influential radio show hosts, and respected writers for dance music magazines and blogs worldwide. This exposure will get your release noticed.

- Our promo service uses a sophisticated, state-of-the-art interface that streams the music prior to downloading, and does not allow the recipient access to the files unless they have given feedback. Not only does this ensure usable reactions but the attractive and effective delivery method earns notice and respect for your offering. The image and branding will benefit your label much more than another “yousendit” link.

- The 8DPromo database, which is constantly researched and updated, contains hundreds of influential ‘tastemaker’ contacts around the world that can be selectively targeted to your release. The comments and feedback from these contacts will allow you to track where the release is achieving radio play, what writers may be interested in reviewing it, and which label A&R people are showing interest. You will also get feedback from some of the top name DJs in the release’s genre helping you in your sales notes, your announcements to the public, and, most importantly, in your presentation to your distributors. These reactions will also help you test market your release by seeing which tracks have the biggest buzz thus helping your promotional strategy.

- Effective promotion can also increase your release earnings through consistent servicing and branding to the right people. Influential tastemakers will become aware of your label and artists, anticipating and supporting new releases. DJs who rate your release will often list it in chart returns for industry magazines and digital store sites (Beatport, Stompy, etc) thus helping sales. 8DPromo also services releases to A&R managers, increasing the chances of your project being picked up for a compilation or even a full release in a different territory. Full radio promotion can eventually produce performance royalties for your label through radio play. These benefits add to the increased longevity and branding that continued promotion can bring to your label.

Services offered:

Digital Promo Service -

Your release will be sent digitally to 300-400 contacts including A-list “tastemaker” DJs, worldwide radio shows, worldwide reviewers and press (both print magazines and online sites), and compilation A&R. 8DPromo will screen contacts to make sure they are not only applicable to your release but also that a promo in their hands is beneficial to your label. These contacts are from all over the world … not only are the UK, Europe, and USA represented but we also service influential contacts in territories such as Japan, Australia, South America, Russia, and South Africa. We use an advanced promo delivery service that streams the music for the recipient, but they will not be able to download your music unless feedback and ratings are given. This ensures a high ratio of usable feedback on your release and also allows you to track exactly who is downloading what. This information is among the statistics included in an online report that is accessible to you at any time, and is updated instantly whenever a promo campaign is visited by a recipient. Also, Eighth Dimension will be personally available to those serviced for any questions, follow-up, or replacement files. 

Here’s what our promo interface looks like:

8DPromo Interface Example

Newsletter and Internet Release Promotion -
8DPromo maintains a mailing list of over 20,000 music fans, DJs, and music industry types. This service involves the creation of an HTML newsletter announcing your release and containing all relevant text (which we can write and provide), graphics, and purchase links. Tour dates, special download links, or anything else you would like to include are also added. This will be targeted to go out on the date of release to our mailing list. You will also receive an HTML copy that you can forward to your own list or post on your web site or label blog. We will also create an announcement for your release similar to this newsletter which will be posted to almost 100 worldwide music forums and message boards. We will contact various applicable music blogs to solicit write-ups on the release. 8DPromo can also give you consultation on other creative ways you can use the Internet and strategic promotions to raise release awareness.

Press Release / Biography -
Our team at 8DPromo has years of experience in writing Press Releases and Artist or Label Biographies for music labels. If you’re in need of a professionally written Press Release or Biography for your new EP, album, or artist signing then we’d be happy to help. A professionally written biography can be used for at least a couple years.

DJ Mix Promotion -
A great way to promote an artist or label is to have a featured DJ mix aired on multiple worldwide FM and Internet radio stations. With this service, you supply the DJ mix and we will solicit our large network of radio contacts to achieve airplay in a number of territories. Some uses for this service are to promote an artist/DJ who has a new release on your label, to promote a DJ who is about to tour, or to create a mix that showcases your label to build awareness and branding.

If you are interested in 8DPromo and what we can do for your label’s releases then please us e-mail for details and service pricing at music@8DPromo.com