Dlay - Many A Moon (Sud Up Recordings)

Sud Up Recordings return with their nineteenth offering, putting the label’s very own Dlay in the hot seat once again. Entitled Many A Moon, the release is a deep, vibe filled house music affair with tracks that have plenty of bounce in their step.

Lead track “Better Not Bitter” features Dlay’s trademark deep, melodic take on the house sound, with an off-kilter melody and infectious vocal sample. “Vibes” is the second in line, a nod to the US West Coast sound with its percussive elements, spacey keys, and dubby bass line. The final of the originals is “That Confused Look” which ups the tempo slightly, its nagging stab providing the driving force to the track coupled with a cavernous bass line and some peculiar arpeggios. On remix duty this time are two producers who have influenced the Sud Up sound with their own productions over the years. First up is Asad Rizvi AKA Asadinho (RvS, Wrong), a man whose productions have been tearing up dance floors around the world for almost twenty years. He delivers a sleazier rework, taking the vocal and adding his own twist to proceedings. Last, but by no means least, 3am Recordings’ Al Bradley drops an explosive remix, using a vocal intro, dubby percussion, and a bass line / main hook combo that’ll make your head nod and your feet twitch. Al’s version twists and turns and evolves throughout in its own kind of funk, rounding this release off nicely.

Mark Farina - “Nice!”
Doc Martin - “Funky madness from the man known as Asdadinho!”
Robert Owens - “Cool tracks.”
Diz (Iz & Diz / Vizual) - “Cosmic boogie, indeed!”
Nick Holder - “I’m digging ‘Vibes!’”
Brett Johnson - “Cool release … the remixes are nice.”
Chris Fortier - “Low slung funk.”
Tom Lown (Savoir Faire / Lost My Dog) - “A really cool bunch of tracks here … it’s hard to pick a favourite. All quite unique.”
Phonatics (Housesession Records) - “This is hot!”
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) - “The groove, chords, and vocal snippet all come together well on ‘Vibes.’”
Tee Cardaci (Low Down Grooves) - “I’m feeling this! Another solid release from Sud Up. ‘Vibes’ is hot!”
DJ Di Costa (MoodyLushious Influences) - “Asad Rizvi’s Asadinho moniker makes a point here by showing how it’s done just damn right!”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “All three original productions are sure-fire late night weapons.”
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio, Chicago) - “Al Bradley’s 3am Deep Remix of ‘Better Not Bitter’ is a killer track … lowdown and groovy all day!”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) - “The Asadinho remix is the bomb. Dark and dubby how I like it.”

Available now from Juno Download and Stompy.

Trulz & Robin - Dance Music Therapy Vol. 2 (Cymasonic Recordings)

Trulz & Robin’s Dance Music Therapy EP Vol. 2 is the second release in a series of EP’s including remixes for Cymasonic Recordings. These guys have been around the Oslo techno scene for over a decade with a healthy discography to show for it. Also hailing from Norway’s capital city and sharing affiliation through the Planet Noise catalog, Ost & Kjex (Diynamic, Crosstown Rebels) take up the remix duties this time. Labeled a rework - although it could have easily been the original - their version of “The Clearing” comes in the form of an emotional vocal postcard from a parallel universe of falsetto singing Norwegian house-heroes. Melodic chimes and acid grooves swallow the listener whole, not to be seen again until the end. Trulz & Robin follow with three originals. “Midnight Cowboy” makes for a minimal trip through the rodeo of space and time, at points bringing to mind fellow Scandinavians Minilogue. With a strong Detroit pulse to it, “Daylight” features lively analogue sounding synth work wavering and winding above a gritty bass line. Experimental percussion and effects join the foray on “Beneath the Surface” while heavily resonating melodies create an active ambience for the release’s final cut.

Dance Music Therapy proves to be an apt title as each track is strongly emotive, but also physically engaging - sure to spread from Oslo into dance floor sessions the world over.

Peter Kruder (G-Stone / Kruder & Dorfmeister) - “Looove the Ost & Kjex remix. Great vibe. I will play this!”
Tensnake - “Epic Ost & Kjex of ‘The Clearing!’”
Nick Warren - “Stunning release … very cool, indeed.”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “Beautiful.”
Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance) - “A really cool EP … lush sounds.”
Kruse & Nuernberg - “‘The Clearing’ is beautiful!”
Diz (Iz & Diz / Vizual) - “Nice all the way ’round!”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “This whole single is fantastic. The Ost & Kjex rework is indeed a wonder, but the three originals are just as strong. ‘Beneath The Surface’ is especially juicy.”
Chris Fortier - “Very nice vibe on all the tracks.”
Ali Herron (OOFT!) - “The Ost & Kjex Rework is rather nice.”
Discodromo (CockTail d’Amore) - “Solid release. I love the Ost & Kjex rework and ‘Beneath The Surface.’”
Chloe (Kill The DJ / Karat) - “Nice release, and very nice remix by Ost & Kjex.”
Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) - “‘The Clearing’ is amazing … nice EP.”
diskJokke (Full Pupp / Smalltown Supersound) - “Great stuff!”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) - “Beautifully produced - beguiling and compelling - simply a fantastic release.”
Jarle Bråthen (Full Pupp / Ytre Rymden Dan) - “This is fantastic … full support!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Superb stuff right across this EP. The two standouts for me are ‘Midnight Cowboy’ and the wicked undulating bass flow of ‘Daylight.’”
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle) - “Enjoying these very much … it’s like a soundtrack from a far away future world.”
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show) - “I love all four tracks. Brilliant release.”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory) - “I love everything in here … it’s all cracking stuff. The most welcome return of Trulz & Robin!”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.

Paul Stickman - xpressions EP (Kozmik Hype Recordings)

Toronto’s Kozmik Hype Recordings is back once again, this time with an in-depth six track EP from legendary hometown producer, Paul Stickman. A veteran DJ dating back to ’84, Paul is the co-founder of Stickman Records Inc. and Aquarius Recordings with work appearing on a list of other top labels like Strictly Rhythm, Nervous, and Studio !K7. Having built an impressive career, the xpressions EP shows his ability to build expansive songs - not surprising for an artist with his longevity. He forays into extended melodic progressions, each track developing its own ebb and flow.

First comes the rolling, stab-driven “We Wanted To Play” which features vocals sure to resonate with the very being of passionate house and techno DJs. The 4 Da Headz Mix twists things up a notch with a fattened bass and added acid elements. A monster of a tune lurks beneath cutting, high pitched strings, fluid pads, and a crunchy snare on “Artoureau” while “Tek3” likewise unveils a creature in cracking form. Both “Lazy B” and “Theme 001” really shine in the midrange, welcoming arpeggiated synths that fidget about, with the latter of the two cuts barely even employing a kick.

Paul Stickman expresses himself quite alright on this spacious new EP for Kozmik Hype.

Stacey Pullen - “Cool.”
Rennie Foster (Rebirth / Dirty Works) - “Nice EP! I will be playing it.”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - “They’re all keepers. It’s nice seeing Paul still in top form.”
Hippie Torrales - “‘We Wanted To Play’ … nice, indeed.”
Alkalino (Estimativa / Audaz Recordings) - “Instantly in love with the 4 Da Headz mix of ‘We Wanted To Play.’”
Malbetrieb (Klopfgeist / Paradigm) - “Proper deepness … I like.”
ed2000 (Tresor / Dangerous Drums) - “This is very cool. You can hear the artist’s story in the quality.”
Spesh (Jondi & Spesh / Loöq Records) - “This is an outstanding release!”
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings) - “I would definitely play this one … a great combination of moods and beats.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Wicked. I’m really digging the trippy vibe on ‘Lazy B,’ with the atmospheric ‘Theme 001’ proving useful, too.”
Greg Eversoul (Elektek / Evasive) - “Really good EP. Nice to see Paul making such a strong return. Every track is good.”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) - “Bangers!”
DJ Di Costa (MoodyLushious Influences) - “‘Theme 001’ is simply the ultimate intro tool here. A lovely piece of work.”
Fine Cut Bodies (Biscuit Real / Chi Recordings) - “Nice, dirty, and groovy.”
Jean Jérome (Radio FG / Kut ‘N’ Paste) - “I’ve got a big vinyl collection with some old jewels from Paul. This new EP shows some new skills from him. This guy’s got pure talent.”
Tony D’Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria, Italy) - “Proper solid no-nonsense grooves. I really like it.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Some damn serious ammo on this release … heavy weight soundz.”

Available now from Beatport.