Thomas - Sexed Up (Whiskey Pickle)

Copenhagen, Denmark isn’t the first nation that comes to mind when contemplating summer, so it was of some shock to Whiskey Pickle when they stumbled upon the demo for “Sexed Up" from Thomas Erichsen, a Dane who simply goes by his no-frills first name, Thomas. Having already created steady waves with his disco outfit DATO and its eponymous record label, Erichsen’s debut solo outing continues the surge while epitomizing summertime. Breezy chords, silky arpeggios, and bittersweet strings make “Sexed Up” the soundtrack to an Ibizan sunset.

Tapped for remixes are San Francisco based duo Brother In Arms (J Boogie and Deejay Theory) plus Whiskey Pickle administrators RiCHARD.GEAR and Johnny Blackouts. Brother in Arms step up first, turning the tempo down with their Bay Area version. Strong R&B flavors permeate as the pair’s exquisite production chops shine beautifully in this modern take on classic Balearic. RiCHARD.GEAR comes through next with a stripped down house remix that channels vintage NYC flair whilst shuffling along with a confident bounce. Not to be outdone, Johnny Blackouts slides in just under the gun with his oozing, quicksand-paced, bass-laden remix. Utilizing a myriad of found samples and field recordings, the soothing sounds of children at play seeps in on top of a laid back 808 groove.

Simon Lee (Faze Action) - “Yeah, nice work! I’m liking the RiCHARD.GEAR remix.”
Tensnake - “The original is nice deep disco tune.”
Ursula 1000 - “Future summer yacht vibes galore.”
Robbie Hardkiss (Hardkiss Music / Siesta Records) - “Love it!”
All Good Funk Alliance - “This is dope … I’m loving the Brothers in Arms and Johnny Blackouts remixes.”
Sleazy McQueen (Whiskey Disco) - “Yeah, I’m totally digging it!”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) - “Brilliant summer terrace vibes … love it!”
Pete Moss (Recline Records) - “I’m feeling the RiCHARD.GEAR remix … nice one.”
Tom Lown (Savoir Faire / Lost My Dog) - “The original is a glorious piece of work.”
Andreas Kinzl (Aromabar / INFRACom!) - “Balearic feelings!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Fabric) - “Wicked stuff again from Whiskey Pickle. I’m really digging the original most here with its wicked deep and rolling beats, but I’m also digging the housey vibe of RiCHARD.GEAR’s mix and the ultra-sunset groove on Johnny Blackout’s mix. Top release all round.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Cool, laid back tempo … this sounds like summer around a pool. Very smooth and uplifting.”
Vincent Kwok - “Great summery vibes!”
Sarah Favouritizm - “Classy … feels lovely. Nice for the beach!”
Velanche (Velanche’s Playtime radio show) - “The original is really groovy and funky and the Johnny Blackouts remix is mellow and deep. I dig them both.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “Another high point from Whiskey Pickle. The deep disco summer sound of the original is captivates the senses.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “An amazing laid back, sun-drenched and soul oozing gem.”

Available now from Juno Download and iTunes.

My Neighbour Is - Ska-Kan-Ka (Cold Busted)

The prolific Manchester-based artist known as Robot Needs Oil has been found covertly recording downtempo, reggae, and hip hop fueled beats under the curious name of My Neighbour Is. His latest release for Cold Busted under this moniker, Ska-Kan-Ka, places his love of dub, reggae, and a solid skankin’ rhythm on display once again, much like his previous Metaphysical Juicer album on the label. There is a noticeable difference this time in that the songs have less dancehall and dub appeal, forgoing these reggae influences for a more strictly roots approach — and even incorporating a slight balearic feel at times — but still totally party rockin’ in a ska-like fashion. Essentially this is island calypso meets American funk in a lighthearted blend … because it’s done by a Brit, of course! It’s just another day in the backyard of My Neighbour Is. He’s blessed up his downtempo, hip hop breaks styling with an obvious level of respect and inspiration awarded towards the Jamaican sound.

Kid Loco - “A cool record for the summer.”
Doc Martin - “Rude boy!”
Tim “Love” Lee (Tummy Touch) - “This is great.”
Inland Knights - “Love it. ‘Ganja Day’ is my favorite but they’re all great.”
Double-D (Funky Fresh Radio Show / Radio X) - “Summer time is reggae time and here we go with that crazy neighbour … so much style.”
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp Music) - “This album is awesome. I dig all the tunes.”
Makossa (Makossa & Megablast / Luv Lite Recordings) - “Nice, solid vibes.”
Silenta (Roca Records) - “Massive! Deep! Warm bass all around. The dub / reggae sound at its best.”
Ben Mono (Undertones Gang / Plant Music) - “Lovely. I’ll definitely play some of these tunes.”
DJ Kid Stretch (Warriorz Records / Goodgroove) - “Summer vibes all around!”
Minus 8 (Compost) - “Wonderful, positive, and danceable reggae … just great!”
Djouls (Paris DJs / T.I.M.E.C.) - “Loving this … it sounds great!”
Jamie Topham (CDPool) - “Some cool carnival essentials.”
Diesler (A LIttle Something Radio) - “Great release from a really impressive label. A must-buy for fans of all things of a dubby nature.”
SimonG (Deep South Audio, New Zealand) - “This is timeless. Reminds me of a sunny session in the avalon field at Glastonbury.”
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - “Mint! Really solid beats here. I’m always up for a bit of ska-influenced grooving! ‘Dub It’ is a cracker, but the whole selection is quality.”
DJ Chewy (Alphabeatsoup Blog) - “Cracking mix of roots, dibby and skanky sounds … it’s hard to pick between ‘Ganja Day’ and ‘Szynkwas’.”
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio, Chicago) - “The tracks are killer across this album. There’s a killer dub vibe that permeates the entire release, and a clear love of the source material.”

Available now from Beatport and The Cold Busted Shop.

La Rose - 26 (Sound Vessel Records)

Sound Vessel Records is a label out of San Diego, California, but with a global scope. Their new release features Marvin La Rose, an artist from the Netherlands, and remixers hailing from Romania, Spain, Hungary, and America. Titled “26,” the single is a deep, swirling, progressive effort from Marvin, operating under the nom de plume La Rose. Wavering synths create an immersive experience through a heady atmosphere, only interrupted by brooding vocal chops.

Starting off the remixes, Addex is a Bucharest-based artist of many aliases for sounds ranging from relaxing downtempo lounge to minimalistic tech house, delivering a back-to-basics deep house remix for this single. Spaniard Ivan Garci enters straight into his rework with a massive sub kick, indicative of things to come as he basses up the track while maintaining the moody background elements of the original. Hungarian artists SpecDub and D.M.P, or Laszlo Szunyogh and Reisz Róbert respectively, both employ minimal tech touches, but with SpecDub offering a more driving, punchy kick-propelled remix while D.M.P touches on a more laid-back and scattered groove. Finally, Brooklyn’s Jaymz Nylon repurposes “26” in his renowned Afrotech style, really letting the distorted low end synth shine within the playful patter of shakers and wooden percussive instruments that substitute for claps. La Rose and company have delivered a journey of spacey, tech- accented house for Sound Vessel.

Anthony Pappa (Red Light District / Bedrock) - “The best mix is the original mix and l will support it.”
Randall Jones (Audio Therapy / Baroque) - “The SpecDub remix sounds good. I will give it rotation this weekend for sure.”
Tom Lown (Savoir Faire / Lost My Dog) - “I’m particularly digging the Ivan Garci remix with its simple / minimal and deep feel.”
Hippie Torrales - “Nice and deep.”
Richie Hartness (untitled music) - “Splendid stuff … great atmospheric excellence.”
Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ) - “Very deep tunes here.”
Atnarko (Noir / infiltr8:Celebr8) - “Nice, swirly house music.”
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings) - “Some of my favorite artists all together in one release. Fantastic. So much deepness and groove all at once.”
Toki Fuko (DP–6 Records / Manuscript Records) - “Perfect. Smooth and groovy.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Nicely done grooves. The SpecDub version is the one which I’m feeling the most … it adds some bump to the vibe.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) - “The original and Ivan Garci mixes for me … dreamy!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Pure deepness … atmospheric vibe. Great for festival action in dark tents.”
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show) - “A solid release. I like the Jaymz Nylon remix.”
Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music) - “The Ivan Garci mix stands out for me. A great set opener.”
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) - “Wow, what a stunning tune … and with Addex, DMP, and Ivan Garci doing remix duties you can’t go wrong. Cracking track and amazing remixes.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “A sure-fire late night weapon.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “I love it. A dreamy release on the deep side of house with some eclectic edges. My favorite is Jaymz Nylon’s remix, offering his ‘afro-tech’ spirit and the result is excellent.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.