Frequently Asked Questions

Could 8DPromo reject my release? 

Yes. There are a few reasons why a release may not be suitable for 8DPromo. For one thing, we specialize in certain genres of underground dance music and our recipient database is focused on these genres. As a rule of thumb, 8DPromo promotes the 'deeper' side of dance music: deep house, soulful house, DJ-oriented downtempo, 'cosmic' or 'balearic' disco, and deep techno, as examples. We would not be the best company to promote releases outside of these genres as our contacts are only concerned with the styles that we are known to send out. Check out our Releases page to hear examples of the styles of music we've recently promoted. 

We'd be happy to listen to a sample of your release ahead of time to give you an honest assessment of whether or not it's right for 8DPromo. If we don't feel we'd be the best promotions company for it then chances are we can recommend someone to you.

We may also reject a release if the audio has not been professionally mastered. 8DPromo has a reputation for providing the best quality music which is why many known names in the DJ world pay attention to our mail-outs. If a release has not been mastered, or has been mastered in a way that hurts the quality (over-compressed, for example), then it will not only hinder the release's chances at success but will also compromise 8DPromo's reputation. Likewise, if the release's cover art is not professionally designed then it may be rejected. Though we don't ask that every cover be an undeniable work of art, it should at least project a professional, release-ready image. And any cover art that we deem sexist, violent, or the like may be rejected by 8DPromo.

If you need recommendations for talented and reasonably priced mastering engineers or graphic designers then we would be happy to help.

How soon should I promo a release before its release date?

You can submit the release at any time, really. We will have a specific strategy according to the position of the release date to when we start the promotion, and will tailor this to your situation.

That said, if you are wanting to deliver feedback to your distributor or the digital stores (such as Beatport) for extra promotion and banner consideration, then you should check with your rep to see when he / she would like to see a first report. With Beatport, this is usually 4 weeks prior to the release date, and you should allow us at least a week to gather a decent amount of initial feedback for your report.

If you're not concerned with giving feedback to your stores, then 3 - 4 weeks prior to release date would be ideal for us, though we can effectively work with a launch closer to the release date or even afterwards. Contact us for specifics. 

Why is eight weeks the promotion period for a release? 

We've discovered, through years of trial and error, that eight weeks is an ideal amount of time for a promotion campaign. This gives some time to hit specific groups of recipients at strategic times, and to also keep the promo active for at least a couple weeks following the release date for late stragglers.  We are also tracking the release during this period, including radio play and blog appearances, and enacting social media promotions to build hype leading up to the release date and maintaining awareness afterwards. The availability of the promo can be adjusted for a shorter period, but we suggest our tracking and social media promotions continue for the full eight weeks. Shortening any of the periods will not affect pricing as the amount of work and effort will be the same. 

Ideally, we like to launch a promo to key 'VIP' recipients 3 - 4 weeks before release date (or 2 weeks before a pre-release / exclusive date). We will then expand our radio servicing 2 weeks before the release, to synchronize radio play with the music's availability for purchase.  Blogs and regional 'tastemakers' will then receive their promos just before the release date, to keep the buzz building. This timing can be adjusted to the label's preference, or if there isn't as much time to work with prior to release date. 8DPromo is prepared for many situations and can deliver a successful campaign no matter the timing. 

Can I see a list of who you send promos to?

It's not possible for us to provide a list for a few reasons. Our recipient list is quite huge, covering different genres, and each mail-out is tailored to the particular style of the release (deep house DJs don't receive downtempo promos, for example, unless a recipient is into both). Our database is constantly changing as we are always updating -- adding new people and taking inactive ones out -- and we obviously cannot guarantee that any one recipient will open a promo, so a list could be misleading. However, if you would like to get an idea of some of the more 'notable' names we service then feel free to look over the example feedback found in the entries on our site's releases page. Note that the sample feedback found there is indeed just a sample, as most promo campaigns gather an average of 70 - 100 feedback responses. Also, we emphasize radio in the second wave of any promo campaign which, though more effective in getting your music exposed, doesn't include too many 'flashy' names. If you need further examples then feel free to request an example of a completed campaign feedback report. 

My promo has been sent out, but only to a few hundred people. I thought you sent each promo to more? 

We do. This is because we're not finished with your campaign. 8DPromo is different than many other services in that we create a tailored strategy for each release based on the release date, style, and a number of other factors.

An important part of this strategy is a staggered roll-out in the mailing of promos. If your release date is more than a few weeks off, then the first wave of promos goes to press (who need at least a month lead time for reviews) and 'name' DJs (who supply feedback that you can present to your distributor). Our radio mail-out comes closer to the release date. You do not want radio to be playing your release too soon before it is available for sale; music moves so fast that radio could be on to the next promo before their support actually counts. Thus, we time the bulk of our radio mail-out so that the release hits the airwaves about the time that it goes on sale to the public. Lastly, we send promos to blogs and regional tastemakers just before the release date, to add a push to the release's buzz.

This strategy was developed from years of experience in promoting releases for our own labels as well as the labels of others. This strategy changes according to how close the launch of the promo campaign is to the release date; if the launch is a week before then the entire mail-out could go out at once. We will also gladly modify this strategy at the label's request. You will receive a full breakdown of the campaign schedule upon the launch of your promo. 

I'm getting some great feedback for my release! How can I utilize this? 

Here are some suggested ways to use your 8DPromo feedback reports: 

  • To give to your sales representative at the digital stores or your distributor in advance of release date. This will let them know there is hype behind the release, and that you are actively promoting it (which sets you apart from 90% of the labels they work with). In theory, this will increase your chances of getting priority placement and banner ads on the store sites. Be sure to ask your rep when they need this feedback report ... they usually have sales meetings once a week where they pitch releases for banners, so you'd want to get a report to the rep before this happens. For example, Beatport currently asks for a report at least 4 weeks before the release date. Also, be sure to let your rep know that you’ll continue to promote after release date, especially to radio, to continue buzz. And let them know you’re using 8DPromo … they should know of us, and they'll be pleased you're using a professional promotions team.
  • To use in your press release, website listing, and social media postings. Feedback serves to give context to a release. That is, if someone is not familiar with your artist (or your label) but they see that a DJ they know and like is digging the release then chances are this person will likely check it out. Posting quotes a few at a time over the course of your own promotion on social media sites can extend awareness. Also, a good newsletter blast that utilizes feedback quotes along with links to where the release can be previewed is very effective. 
  • To determine who your main supporters are. If you find a ‘name’ DJ is enthusiastic about the release then, by all means, contact them to thank them. This is easy to do through Soundcloud, Twitter, or Facebook fan pages. Building a relationship with someone in the industry who has taken notice of your label can certainly pay off. Also, it’s okay to ask them in a non-pushy manner to chart the release in their next Beatport / Resident Advisor / etc chart. Another thing that is very effective is to have an unreleased dub, instrumental, or a cappella to offer them of the track they are supporting … it will make them feel special and you’ll be more likely to receive a returned favor.

Does 8DPromo offer any discounts? 

We're already priced a bit lower than our competitors and, as you'll find, we put a lot of time and effort into each campaign. We feel the fees are appropriate to the value we give. That said, there are two discount programs applicable to the full promotion package options you might be able to participate in: 

  • Referral: We offer a 20% discount to any referral that results in a new client for 8DPromo. 
  • Facebook: We offer a $20 discount if you invite your Facebook friends to 'Like' the 8DPromo Facebook page. This discount is only available once per campaign, once a year per person, and you must let us know before you send the invites so we can track the progress.

If 8DPromo is giving you a discount already, then these programs may be applied at a reduced amount.