We Provide Effective Tastemaker Promotions
For Underground Dance Music Labels.

Specializing in deep house, soulful house, DJ-oriented downtempo, and 'cosmic' disco releases, 8DPromo has represented a number of top notch labels to global radio, DJs, online press, and industry tastemakers since 2008. By combining individually tailored industry 'promo' campaigns with social media promotions geared towards music fans, 8DPromo has developed a unique strategy that creates release awareness while expanding a label's potential fan base. 8DPromo is a 'hands on' operation -- label clients receive consultation on how to best manage a release campaign and use its results, and each promotion utilizes a bespoke strategy based on the style and needs of the release. Learn more about 8DPromo by clicking HERE and please contact us for more information and a quote.