"In the vast and impenetrable world of the Internet and digital music it's comforting to have a friend who can keep up with the fast pace and get our music heard. 8DPromo has always been the best US-based service for promoting new electronic music to club DJs, online press, and radio. For many years we have had great success working with Michael at 8DPromo to promote new releases. We're putting the next campaign together right now!"
    - Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke / Hardkiss Music)

"By bringing a curatorial attitude to DJ promotions, Michael and the team at 8DPromo have built a first class list of international tastemakers. We know that if they take on one of our releases our artist is going to be listened to by some of the best DJs out there, and the feedback we get is invaluable."
    - Tim "Love" Lee (Tummy Touch Records)

"I gotta say that tracks promoted by 8DPromo get my foremost attention. The biggest issue I have is often keeping things organized. The way 8DPromo presents its promos with complete information and artwork makes a huge difference when we’re wrestling with limited space for reviews. A lot of people wind up just throwing files via Sendspace without even an indication of what label it’s on. It’s kind of a perverse guessing game. 8DPromo provides everything I need right from the get-go, and that makes it all so much easier."
    - Terry Matthew (Editor, 5 Magazine)

"I highly recommend 8DPromo, especially if you don’t have a big mailing list or the time, money, and energy to set up a dedicated but much-needed label promotion department. For an inexpensive price we have seen greater exposure in radio play and licensing, all with feedback guaranteed on each release. I highly suggest trying all the other services they offer if you want to reach an even larger number of music enthusiasts."
    - Marco Celone (DJ MFR / Transport Recordings)

"8DPromo has been an indispensable asset to Whiskey Pickle since our very early days. They are light years beyond your typical DJ promo / PR service and have played a key part in helping us develop acknowledgment and respect within the industry. From securing licensing and helping us build a strong international following to just instinctively knowing exactly which channels to direct our output for maximum effect … look no further than 8DPromo."
    - Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle Records)

"We’ve been using 8DPromo to promote our releases on Roam Recordings for the past two years and couldn’t be happier with their services. 8DPromo’s highly targeted promotion makes sure our music gets in the right hands instead of just adding noise to an already saturated market. I love seeing the feedback come in on our releases from people I respect in the music community. This feedback is critical when pitching the release for features in magazines and to vendors. The service is easy to use and Michael is both professional and a pleasure to work with … and we appreciate all of those things."
    - JP Soul (Roam Recordings)

"We at Chillin Music strongly support the quality and professionalism that the 8DPromo team delivers. Along with promotion, they have helped us secure licensing and attract play from dozens of Radio DJs from around the globe. After many years of working together on various electronic music campaigns, we highly recommend that you give 8DPromo the opportunity to help in your project's success."
    - Rob Slac (Chillin Music)

"Bogota Records has been using 8DPromo from the first release. We are happy and extremely thankful for the great service and help they have provided to us. Their professionalism and the feedback we receive have been big part of what made Bogota Records what it is today. We highly recommend 8DPromo's service!"
    - Ivaylo (Bogota Records)

"8DPromo treats your label's songs with the same respect and ambition as if it were a release of their own. No wonder; they ARE producers, artists, and DJs as well! They do business, but it doesn't feel like business. If you've got some dope tunes and you don't have a foot in the door yet, then leave it to 8DPromo and some weeks later you might find yourself in the playlists of your favorite DJs and radio shows."
    -Daniel Stenger (Flashbaxx / BaxxBeat Music)

"8DPromo has been instrumental in bringing our music to the attention of the the dance community. The label owes much of its profile to 8DPromo`s fantastic promotion of our releases. Grass Green is a new label and without 8DPromo we would have been lost in the woods!"
    - Andy Vann (Grass Green Recordings)

"Working with 8DPromo has been an invaluable partnership for us at Subdivisions Global Radio and Dance Music Television. They've been instrumental in the promotion of our radio show and new website and have successfully raised our profile. 8DPromo has helped to take our company to the next level."
    - Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global)

"8Dpromo has been a service we leverage to curate an audience of diverse and well-tenured DJ resources. We have seen our releases become not only individual contributions to the pool but a growing trend in the progression of where we are taking the label. Over time we are hearing comments like 'We love the HD stuff' and that means more to us than any accolades of a single release."
    - Sean Anderson (Harmonious Discord Recordings)

"Deep House Aficionado has been with 8DPromo since we launched the label. We've been happy with the results so far. If you're a new underground label 8DPromo makes sure your music gets to the right ears."
     - Jason Mitchell (Deep House Aficionado)

“8DPromo is just what the doctor ordered. A personalized promotional service for our label’s releases that ensures our promos get into the right hands (and sometimes -- more importantly -- out of the wrong hands). The detailed online feedback report helps us immensely in targeting the releases at the appropriate markets as well as catalog planning. For small indies like us it’s the right tool at the right price. I highly recommend them!”
    - Tal M. Klein (Aniligital Music)

“I don’t think I have done any of my weekly shows over the last eighteen months without at least one of your releases on the schedule. Great stuff, nice quality.”
    - Lofty (Amber Sound FM, UK)

"8DPromo has been an invaluable investment for us.  Their promotional service has given Them On The Hill exposure around the globe and has helped to put our label on the map. 8DPromo's database is extensive and includes many key players in the industry, therefore the feedback we receive is noteworthy and significant. They have great attention to detail and are very supportive. We highly recommend 8DPromo and all the services they have to offer and are grateful for all the good work they have done for us."
    - Mez Carter (Them On The Hill)

"Nearly every promo or release I've received from 8DPromo has been added to our station's playlist. As icing on the cake, the Jazzy Lounge listeners have charted many of the tracks, validating the strength of 8DPromo promotions. These are quality tracks from a quality promo company. With confidence, I can recommend 8DPromo as an outlet for great underground music to any professional broadcaster, blogger or DJ." 
    - Earl R Watts (Jazzy Lounge Radio)

"It's almost a given at this point to say that 8DPromo promotes the best stuff and is my favorite part of the puzzle of doin' what i'm doin'."
    - DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece)

"I have been using 8DPromo from the beginning and their service is irreplaceable and vital to each and every release. From beginning to end each campaign is pushed to the fullest possible limits to key DJs, radio, and A&R tastemakers across the globe. Their professionalism and eye for detail is unparalleled. The feedback I receive is imperative to the success of Onethirty release. I highly recommend them to any label. 8Dpromo will be part of all my promotion indefinitely!"
    - Jevne Miller (Onethirty Recordings)

“I am so glad that we found 8DPromo. We can make much better decisions on releases and love the feedback we get. We know which DJs feel us and those who hate from the sidelines but still download. You get an honest feel of what your tracks will do. 8Dpromo is worth every penny we’ve spent and I recommend them to anyone who needs a push on their music. 8DPromo gets a 5 outta 5.”
    - Eman (Liberate Recordings)

"We’ve been using 8DPromo for the past couple of years and their services have been invaluable to not only ourselves as All Good Funk Alliance, but with our record labels Super Hi-Fi and Funk Weapons. We recommend any label starting out or needing more exposure to use 8DPromo as their services are essential."
    - Frank Cueto (All Good Funk Alliance / Super Hi-Fi)

"It’s great to find a promotion company that’s very reasonably priced with effective feedback quickly supplied and updated online. It’s been well worth the cost. Two thumbs up.”
    - Ivy (Black Bridge Recordings)

"8DPromo has been a crucial part of our promotional campaigns for Eight-Fifteen’s releases. They have an extensive network of high profile contacts that have provided us with valuable insight and comments on our catalog. We highly recommend Michael and the services that his organization provides as far as getting your music publicized and promoted."
    - Vincent Kwok (Eight-Fifteen Recordings)

"Through all the chaos and noise, 8DPromo cuts a direct, focused line from Untitled & After to a wealth of DJ’s, writers and fans who matter.”
    - Marc Kate (Untitled & After)