Pablo del Monte - Stay All Night (Harmonious Discord)

Texas-based Harmonious Discord celebrates its 50th release with Pablo del Monte’s “Stay All Night” EP featuring two originals by del Monte and remixes by Litex (Eric Reeves) and Jeff Scroggin. Harmonious Discord solidified its force in the Texas underground music scene since 2001 with releases by Pezzner, Brett Johnson, Deepchild, Morgan Page, Arthur Oskan, PointBender, and Dorian.

Stay All Night” is a peak time driver produced by London native Pablo del Monte, radio pilot for Brick Lane Radio and label head of famed East Recordings. His productions range from classic sounding house music to edgy, provocative tech house projects.

Pablo collaborated with Dallas vocalist LaVoyce for the original title track, a precise mixture of well-spaced percussion rooted in a stronghold of bass with deliberate accents and fills. Its samples and synthesized accents provide a navigating principle that syncopates firmly as the song progresses. This future hallowed house classic is sure to satisfy both DJ aficionados and dancefloor revelers.

Label co-founder and Grey Music Project artist Litex (Eric Reeves) remixes “Stay All Night” with dynamic synthesizer programming and tightly controlled FX while mild hints of progression deepen the original elements earmarked by pad resonance and drifting delays. Jeff Scroggin navigates un-charted back roads with another dubbed-out wash remix of “Stay All Night.” Urban, rough-and-tumble, and perfectly crafted, Jeff accents the original parts with hypnotic dub chords and a driving sub-bass. Pablo del Monte’s B-side “Emperor” reigns with clinical drum programming aligned with sound design and synthetic manipulations. The track commands force of music while offering itself to its loyal listeners.

The “Stay All Night” release belies expert production sure to reign the sweltering dancefloors of summertime.

Nick Warren (The Soundgarden / Hope Recordings) – “All mixes are great!”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) – “Chugger!”
Lupe Futentes (Inhouse Records) – “Nice work Pablo!”
Edground (Grooveland Music) – “Very nice Jeff Scroggin Dub.”
Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “Cool vibes.”
Harry Avers (NOICE! Weekly Show) – “A solid EP.”
Ian Rejekt (The Rejekts) – “Jeff’s dub is DOPE!”
Enne (Electunes) – “Really nice stuff, thanks.”
Soundkrampf (Cloud Of Silence) – “The Jeff Scroggin dub is great!”
SimonG / Deep South Audio (Volcano Radio) – “Title track is quirky with infectious beats. The Emperor as a B side comes on thick deep and ready for the floor … nice house music that will get things moving.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.

Lanzo - Omnipotent (Cold Busted)

Chicago’s Carington Pierre, also known as Lanzo, has bestowed evidence of his cosmic hip hop beatology to the Cold Busted label in the form of a new album, Omnipotent. Previously recording for BLVNT Records and the Natural Selection label, Lanzo specializes in a style of experimental hip hop that draws from boom-bap, soulful downtempo, and atmospheres that lean toward the celestial. Lanzo and his trusty MPC 1000 have been actively producing since 2008 and Omnipotent confirms his upward trajectory, presenting fifteen tasty sonic morsels that groove in a confident but abstract fashion.

Highlights include “Comfort Zone” which envelopes a swinging rhythm in dreamy strings, distant voices, and rolling bass, and the odd but appealing “Gutter Balls”, featuring some deliciously drunken synths. There’s also the melancholy quiet storm of “Colours”, “Against The Wall” and its heavily processed beat magic, and the loping sci-fi jazz of “Between Friends”. Omnipotent is a heady listen, displaying textures and swirls that accentuate the sturdiness of its drum beats. Lanzo has provided a distinctive soundtrack that’s ready-made for day blazing or night groovin’.

Kid Loco (Flor) – “Great beats!”
Afrika Islam aka Charlie Funk (Zulu Nation) – “Dope!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Mellow intergalactic instrumental hip hop at it’s best.”
misterG (Green Arrow Radio Show) – “Getting a boom-bap to my ear-holes with this new release from Lanzo.”
Azaxx (Tru Thoughts) – “All of these tracks are BIG! Amazing good vibes inside this project.”
Rory Hoy (Howlin’ Records) – “Amzaing Hip-Hop beats. Love it!”
Mr. Bristow (Subtek) – “Lovely selection. Warm, wonky and funky … real hop hop!”
Clairvo (Tilos Radio FM 90.3) – “Experimentalism at it’s best.”
Ben Mono (Undertones Gang) – “Nice one. Will play on my radioshow.”
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) – “Well done Cold Busted. You have come up with the goods once again!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, And Spotify.

Klaus Benedek -Exhausted (forTunea)

Following critical mass around the forTunea vinyl release of Klaus Benedek's Exhausted EP, the Austrian label has now released its digital version. Leading track “Calm Before the Storm” is a 9-minute magic carpet ride weaving plush deep house rhythms with breakbeat underpinnings as a hand drum-laden slow percussive build gives way to a smooth string chorus. The original Benedek track “Still Daydreaming” is re-imagined by MPC wizard Roman Rauch (Philpot, Quintessentials, Secret Crunch, Tenderpark) with hard-edged minimal syncopation, while the EP’s title track “Exhausted” bounces with a hypnotic filtered hookline to plunge the listener from new depths to unmatched heights.

Benedek’s “Exhausted” is replete with dance-worthy hooks sure to be a lethal weapon in any DJ arsenal. Give it a spin and add it to your stockpile of house music slayers.

DJ Harri (Sub Club) – “I’m liking these. Will play and support.”
Mat.Joe (Mother Recordings) – “Dope!”
Tensnake (Defected) – “Lovely pack, thanks!”
Jaymz Nylon (Nylon Recordings) – “Amazing! I will support all 3 tracks.”
Loz Goddard - (Kolour Music) – “The Roman Rauch Remix of Still Daydreaming will definitely get some use from me.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House Web Zine) – A very mesmerizing gem.”
Dean Facer (Resident Advisor) – “All three tunes are amazing!”
Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House) – “Calm Before the Storm is super nice!”
Dr. Best (Radio Z – Germany) – “Exhausted is my favorite here, nice tune.”
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Show – Perth) – “Deep, dreamy house. I love it!”
Simon Off aka Sun People (Sub FM) – “Great release! I love the broken beat vibes of Calm Before the Storm. I’ll play this in my sets and on the radio show.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download, And Spotify.

Es-K & Loupo - Symbiosis (Cold Busted)

Transmitting crucial beats from Burlington, the Vermont-based producers Es-K and Loupo have crafted a smooth, introspective long-player for the Cold Busted label titled Symbiosis. Holland-born Es-K (Essential Knowledge) is known for his monthly Spontaneous Grooves series (where a collection of tracks are created in one sitting) and his vital 2016 album Passages. Fellow VT rhythm-wrangler Loupo is also on the rise, with a recent album on the Melody Soul label named Good Company. This new collaborative release, Symbiosis, is a brilliant meeting-of-the-minds, blending the styles of these two talents over the course of ten tracks. The result is deep and meaningful as well as groovy and ‘headz approved,’ showcasing the duo’s penchant for envelope pushing in terms of atmosphere, melody, and rhythm.

From the opening chords of “Aqua” – reminiscent of expansive works from the likes of Lonnie Linston Smith – Symbiosis sets itself apart in the realm of beat-conscious production projects. Sparkling Rhodes piano, a winding jazz bass line, and an overall pensive vibe lead midway into a funky drum part, which almost seems curiously added as an afterthought. The fusion-istic instrumentation and understated, downbeat rhythm flavor continue throughout Symbiosis, shining on cool cuts like “Road To”, the tough, slow motion stepper “Gavel”, “TwoTone” with its jerky beats and film noir attitude, and “CooLit”’s cosmic quiet storm meditation. Es-K and Loupo are onto something unique and special, and Symbiosis lays out their fruit of their sonic exploration for all to enjoy.

Monk-One (Names You Can Trust / Wax Poetics) – “A Very well-crafted downtempo full length. Overall flow and musicality is on point.”
Kid Loco (Flor) – “Quite smooth and good.”
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle) – “Lovely spaced out dopeness!”
Stereo 77 (Plimsoll Records) – “Very nice late-night headphone grooves.”
DJ Nartak (Nightflight & Klassik Lounge shows) – “Excellent stuff. Musically advanced, nice laid back vibes.”
The Funk Hunters (Westwood Recordings) – “This is LUSH! Love it.”
DJ T-Bird (Los Chicos Altos) – “Laid back bump for rooftops & bars.”
Cyprien Rose (Houz-Motik blog) – “Relaxed to the max, good summer vibes.”
Ket Shah / Mucho Soul (Mucho Soul Radio Show) – “This is very good!”
DJ Friction (Bodymovin) – “Real tasty beats & instrumentals. I dig it a lot.”
Eric Tchaikovsky (Night Light Sound System) – “Fantastic Release. All of the tracks are brilliant.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Juno Download, iTunes, And Spotify.