NIK:11 ft. Ouiwey - KICKBACK (Broken Records)

Originally from Detroit, NIK:11 (also known as Nicole Tindall) got her start as a teenage member of P-Funk All Stars. With George Clinton as an early mentor, NIK:11 moved on to a career in house music, becoming an in-demand producer and festival DJ. With “KICKBACK,” her latest single on Jesse Saunders’ Broken Records label, NIK:11 comes full circle to her P-Funk days. The single features extra vocals from Ouiwey Collins, son of the legendary Bootsy Collins, the one-time bass player for P-Funk.

This remix package features a rolling deep house mix from French DJ and House Nation Radio host Didier Vanelli, a chunky prime time house mix by DJ Scotty Boy and Luca Debonaire, and a bass-heavy tech-house mix from Jerome Baker. If that wasn’t enough, the package is rounded out by a dark and moody late night mix from Keytone and the hands-in-the-air peak time extended mix from Dirty Werk. Something here for all flavors of house lovers … give “KICKBACK” a spin.

Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “Scotty Boy & Luca Debonaire mix is for me.”
Nick Power (Soul Kandi) – “DV Originator Deep Mix for me!”
Gene Farris (Farris Wheel Recordings) – “This is great!”
Marco (Radio 105 ‘In Da Klub’) – “Nice one. I’ll definitely play this.”
Frank Lamboy (NYC Sessions) – “Beautiful Production.”
Graeme Park (The Graeme Park Radio Show) – “Groovy, baby.”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “The DV Originator Deep Mix hits the spot nicely.”
Tony Wilson (Philly Nites Radio) – “Sweet set of mixes. Definitely will support.”
Curtiss Logan (Jersey Soul) – “Very nice package. I’m loving the Jerome Baker Remix. Full support.”
Eddy Spirit (Janga Radio) – “A super sweet production coupling Ouiwey Collins dulcet vocals with melodious keys and deep laidback rhythms.”

Available Now From: Traxsource, Juno Download, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Alia - Can't Do Without You (Broken Records)

Broken Records welcomes ALIA to the label with her new single “Can’t Do Without You.” Hailing from Sydney, Australia, ALIA has built an impeccable career as a singer/songwriter, previously working with artists like Craig David and Nelly Furtado.

Produced by The Potbelleez’s Jonny Sonic, “Can’t Do Without You” delivers an uplifting, funky joyride underpinned with a driving beat primed to move main room dance-floors. Dirty bass line keys and swirling strings lend the track the darkness and light, giving it a modern jackin’ vibe with an addictive vocal hook.

Accompanied by inspired remixes from Demarkus Lewis, Needs No Sleep, Jerome Baker, and Keytone, this package represents how Broken Records is committed to producing tracks that can be used in all musical environments.

Building on the original, Dermarkus brings a shine to “Can’t Do Without You” that is a free-flowing love affair with house music. Melbourne-based producer Needs No Sleep adds to the Australian flavor by twisting the track into a deeper vibe while Chicago’s Jerome delivers a four-to-the-floor minimal banger. Not to be outdone, Keytone produces a tech-driven version of the original that does not leave DJs wanting.

Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “Demarkus Lewis for the win!”
Tyree Cooper (Groove Baby) – “I’m lovin’ it.”
Tommy D Funk (Good For You Records) – “Great song, great vocals.”
David Britton (Henry Street Music) – “Can't Do Without You is sexy solid driving house music.”
Lee Jones (Country Gents / Buslife) – “Crikey! This is killer. Something for everyone.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House Web Zine) – “Demarkus Lewis has been pulling out all the stops to deliver a truly dancefloor rework.”
Vincent (Paris One Radio) – “All remixes are GREAT! Full support.”
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) – “Killer release guys. Cheers.”
Taigo Onez (Bang Le’ Dex Radio) – “Really good to see Jerome on here. Full support!”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “Demarkus hits the spot rather nicely with his mixes. The vocals are pretty contagious too.”

Available Now From: Traxsource, Juno Download, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Of Norway - Eyes EP (Beatservice Records)

Oslo’s Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Christian Steenstrup make up Of Norway, an eclectic electronic duo consistently releasing stellar music for over a decade. Through cuts on the likes of Connaisseur Recordings, Rockets & Ponies, and Darkroom Dubs and explosive DJ and live gigs, the two are a well-known commodity in underground dance music. This latest single, the Eyes EP, continues a string of top notch releases from Of Norway on the Beatservice imprint.

The duo recently contributed to Beatservice’s Prima Norsk 5 compilation, delivering two tracks instead of the requested single cut. “Normal Eyes” appeared on the collection to much acclaim, but the other track — the also brilliant “Dim Your Eyes” – demanded to be heard. The Eyes EP exposes both tunes and includes remixes from Syntax Erik, Terje Saether, Karl Fraunhofer, and Prins Oblonsky.

“Dim Your Eyes” is a moody breakbeat number, featuring transported-from-another-world vocals, bouncing sub-bass, and deliciously tweaky synth sounds. Its distinctive vibe will stand out in any DJ’s set. “Normal Eyes” is also from a similar vein, but works in house music rhythms and spacey pad hits. A warehouse bass-line – reminiscent of early Warp tracks — takes the lead, accompanied by fluttering arpeggios that chase up and down the scales. The remixes take the tracks in various dance floor directions, from deep house, to peak time rumblers, to mysterious minimal techno ambiance. These ‘Eyes’ are a sublime treat for the ears.

Three (Hallucienda) – “Both originals and the Prins Oblonsky remix for me. I’m a big fan of Of Norway.”
Bruce Tantum (XLR8R) – “Gorgeous music all around. Loving pretty much all of these.”
Meri (Rulers of the Deep) – “Very very cool release.”
Arne Goettsch (Electronic Earthquake) – “Dim Your Eyes is a bomb! Full support.”
Lönya (Asymmetric Recordings) – “Great EP! Full support.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “These are fantastic. Catchy and hypnotic.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Amazing EP. The Terje Saether Remix stands out amongst a very strong tracklist.”
Sharlese (KEXP) – “Very exciting & nice sounds to bring you into the morning.”
Taigo Onez (Bang Le’ Dex radio show) – “Such a beautiful body of work.”
Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show) – “Both lead tracks are extremely good, and the remixes turn this into an excellent release. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Bandcamp, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Eric Shans & X Miss Ella - Leather Sweater (Viva Recordings)

Brooklyn’s Eric Shans enters the Viva Recordings zone, accompanied by vocalist X Miss Ella. The duo have been working together for many years, Ella’s melodies and vocal style blending perfectly with Eric’s musical creations. Inspired by new wave as well as techno and house music, the two have collaborated on material ranging from sultry synth pop to dark and dirty deep house floor chuggers.

Falling into the second category, “Leather Sweater” is an evocative late night club cut that adds a dose of mood and texture to a DJ’s set. X Miss Ella enchants with a mesmerizing vocal line as Eric’s deep foundation builds into acid line-fueled bliss. The crisp and intricate rhythms point the way forward and keep the nightclub in solid motion. Definitely one for the heads.

Los Angeles producer Tonally — coming off remixes for the likes of Futurewife and Punks Jump Up — takes things up a notch with a driving version that features pulsating, hypnotic synth pads and dramatic stabs. The vocal becomes mysterious, reversed and effected at points throughout the mix. The energy keeps building throughout — a satisfying excursion.

Dubs for both mixes are also available to take the dance floor even deeper. So, let’s see how you look in a “Leather Sweater.”

Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “The Tonally Dream Dub is dope.”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) – “Very nice dreamy acid vibes.”
Jay Hill (Superfreq) – “Dope acid line, and the artwork is killer. Great work!”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) – “It’s tough to pick between the Dub and the Tonally Dream Dub. Excellent!”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) – “Splendid sounds!”
Zach Van Lue (91X) – “Sick vocal and lovely acid.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Very hypnotic.”
Chango (101.5 FM KTKE) – “Very strong release.”
Richie Hartness (UM – Syndicated radio show) – “Nice acid twister.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Awesome! Straight into my July / August top 10.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Traxsource, Beatport, And Spotify.