Anthony Mansfield - Bricks - (Green Gorilla Lounge)

Green Gorilla Lounge fills out its origin story with the re-introduction of founding member Anthony Mansfield to the release schedule. Since 2001, Anthony has been a part of the infamous GGL club night in San Francisco with DJ M3, his eternal partner in crime. His return is marked by the glorious “Bricks,” a groovy acid chugger that solidifies the sound Anthony sculpted with his cult-favorite Hector Works imprint. Hypnotic mid-tempo rhythms, psychedelic voice snippets, meaty synths, and big drum fills round out this dark-as-night DJ treat.

This single includes a chunky remix from Om Records staple Shiny Objects, adding bright synth lines, sparse percussive dubbiness, and spacey echo effects. And then, if that weren’t enough, another Hector Works veteran, Nick Chacona (Moodmusic, 20:20 Vision) joins Anthony for a surprise appearance with the wild dance floor sound experiment of “Pidgeon.” Trippy in all the right places, “Pidgeon” further defines the 3 AM sound of the Green Gorilla Lounge — that magic moment when things get simultaneously messy and marvelous. Sleazy disco warriors, unite.

Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) – “Bricks original is doing it for me.”
ALTZ (DFA / Altzmusica) – “Green Gorilla Lounge is a groovy good time.”
Sean Johnston (A Love From Outer Space) – “It’s a YES from me!”
Sleazy McQueen (Whiskey Disco) – “Lovin’ the vibes.”
Felix Dickinson (Cynic Music) – “Very nice, as one would expect from Anthony.”
Shahrokh Dini (Compost Black Label) – “I like the orginal groove. The remix is good too.”
DJ Sabo (Sol Selectas) – “Perfectly weird and trip disco. Reminds me of NYC in the 2000’s.”
Black Mighty Wax (Irma Records) – “Sooooo Groovy!”
Robot84 (Paper Recordings) – “Bricks is sounding dope. Love that raw sound to it.”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) – “I love Pidgeon with Nick Chacona. Tell him to give me my hair clippers back.”

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ThrillHammer - Bohemian Berlin Disco (Hardkiss Music)

ThrillHammer is a musical hybrid created by the Silk Road Truckers' frontman, Coltorious, and DJ/producer Duserock.

After the tragic murder of Anthony "Bubbles" Torres, Coltorious approached Duserock about collaborating on a track that he and Bubbles were writing. This spawned the single "Bohemian Berlin Disco." ThrillHammer performed the song on the main stage at Gay Pride 2018 in San Francisco as a special tribute.

A San Francisco anthem in the making, there are remixes from a cross section of local dance music producers. The original version by Colton (Coltorious) and Ryan (Duserock) lunges forward with fury. Video and audio collagist Dtek offers up the delightful TheShoplifters Remix. Gavin Hardkiss and Ryan trick out TheShoplifters version in the G&R Dub. Gavin then takes an acid direction with his late night excursion. Manny Alfarez (Monarch and The Great Northern) and Phil Rene Collis (Bachelors of Science), in their Sleight of Hands guise, spawn the Sleight of Hands Remix.

Draw your own conclusions from the song’s lyrics, but there’s certainly enough to entertain the new, the old, and the fabulous from the Castro, the Tenderloin, and the Marina. There's something here for everyone.

Fondly remembered, Bubbles left skid marks and scandals everywhere he visited. His Facebook videos from Berlin, London, Santa Fe and festivals and nightclubs in California are testimony to his unabandoned quest for freedom. Although his murder is unsolved, and the perpetrator has not been caught, Bubbles’ music lives on in this release on Hardkiss Music.

Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “This is fun!”
DJ Schugar (Whiskey Pickle) – “This is great! Love the vibes.”
Trotter (Royal Soul Records) – “Nice one guys. TheShoplifters Remix is really dope!”
Kirby (Nordic Trax) – “Cool remix by Gavin. Twisted Disco!”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) – “Awesome on so many levels. Love this.”
Jon Fugler (Fluke) – “An absolute cracking selection. A great original to work from here.”
Christian Homan (RTE Pulse show) – “Quirky, and all the better for it.”
Ken Liu (Broad Street Bait & Tackle) – “Been waiting on this for a second. Loving the whole thing, and I’ll probably play the Sleight of Hands Remix.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Another winner from Hardkiss … Powerful.”
Mikebee / Mike Battaglia (Vinyl Dreams) – “Thanks for this. Bubbles is missed by myself and everyone over here at Vinyl Dreams. Glad to see this finally see the light of day, and the remixes are great!”

Available Now From: Junodownload, Spotify, iTunes, And Amazon Music.

Hawke - WarPeace (2018 Remixes) [Hardkiss Music]

The 2018 remixes of Hawke’s single “WarPeace” dig further into a world of dance floor possibilities. New York’s DJ Onionz provides a haunting melodic excursion into techno realms with his Savagely Angelic Mix, while the Curious Yellow Mix by Gavin Hardkiss takes an airy gypset approach with minimal afro percussion and flying synth flourishes.

In 2017, Hardkiss Music released remixes of “WarPeace” included a version by Desert Hearts founder Lee Reynolds which is available on limited leopard jellyfish vinyl at

Hawke was created by Gavin Hardkiss as a series of sound clashes, musical experiments, and collaborations that steer off the path of convention. In 2017, the Hawke album Love in Stars was released through a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic. It runs riot through indie dance, deep house, ambient, and funk modalities. While paying homage to artists like The Stone Roses, The KLF, Bonobo, and MGMT, it manages to weave a story of its own.

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) – “2 sparklingly good mixes.”
Rory Hoy (Super Hi-Fi Recordings) – “The Onionz Remix is really good! Peace wins.”
Eelke Kleijn (DAYS like NIGHTS) – “The Curious Yellow Remix is great.”
DJ P-REZ (Not So Fast Records) – “Nice one! Both cuts are super spacey, and I love that.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “These remixes of WarPeace just keep getting better and better.”
Eric Medina (The Deep End) – “Digging the Onionz version. Going to test it out!”
Jeannie Hopper (WBAI FM) – “Yeah! Decades of Hawke … keep them coming. Onionz is on fire!”
Chris Smith (Om Records) – “Both mixes are deep, unique and doing it for me.”
Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show) – “EPIC … hard to choose between the two, both are gems.”
DJ Di Costa (MoodyLushious Influences show) – “Really intriguing release. Will most likely try both versions, but on first impression the Curious Yellow remix will get further support action.”

Available Now From: Juno Download, Spotify, Apple Music, And Deezer.

Sleight of Hands - Neon Dreams EP (Green Gorilla Lounge)

Sleight of Hands – comprised of San Francisco rave stalwarts Manny Alferez (DJ M3) and Phil Collis (Bachelors of Science) – have delivered the Neon Dreams EP, featuring six deftly produced cuts ranging from mid-tempo electronic funk to silky deep house to prime time club stompers. Previously responsible for singles on Smoke N' Mirrors, remixes for the likes of Groove Armada and Dirty Vegas, and top tracks for their own Green Gorilla Lounge imprint, the duo has been consistently working crowds on the club and festival circuit. The Neon Dreams EP cements their reputation as a rising act on the global electronic music scene.

The release features female vocals are the forefront, with the sexy, slowed-down groove of “Thankful,” the emotional ride of “Not In Love” with the vocals of Jesse Rennix, and Octavio Genera's gorgeous interpretation of “How Long.” The Neon Dreams EP also nods its hat to Sleight of Hands’ clubbier inclinations, presenting the after-hours deep house of “Hypnotize,” “Walking Alone” with its peak time build-ups, and the shimmering dance floor magnet “Last Disco In The Attic.” Sleight of Hands’ acute sense of funk binds all six tracks, making for a compellingly diverse yet unified EP.

Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “Oh Wow Yes!”
Chris Todd (Crazy P) – “Wicked EP. Cuts through the deluge of mediocre promos like a hot knife through butter!”
Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) – “This is great. Super fresh and orginal. Top marks for all tracks!”
Amrisha Prashar (IAMRISHA) – “Love it!”
Rory Hoy (Howlin’ Records) – “Epic Ep. Thanks for sending!”
Tronik Youth (Nein Records) – “Great EP.”
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) – “Seriously groovy selection!”
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp Music Radio Show) – “Very nice modern pop music.”
Dr. Best (Radio Z) – “Thankful feat. Jesse Rennix is a bomb! Big tune.”
SimonG (Volcano Radio) – “Dang, Walking All Alone develops into a skanky jam. I’ll be looking forward to testing it on the big rigs.”

Available Now From Beatport, Traxsource, Apple Music, And Spotify.