NIK:11 ft. Ouiwey - KICKBACK (Broken Records)

Originally from Detroit, NIK:11 (also known as Nicole Tindall) got her start as a teenage member of P-Funk All Stars. With George Clinton as an early mentor, NIK:11 moved on to a career in house music, becoming an in-demand producer and festival DJ. With “KICKBACK,” her latest single on Jesse Saunders’ Broken Records label, NIK:11 comes full circle to her P-Funk days. The single features extra vocals from Ouiwey Collins, son of the legendary Bootsy Collins, the one-time bass player for P-Funk.

This remix package features a rolling deep house mix from French DJ and House Nation Radio host Didier Vanelli, a chunky prime time house mix by DJ Scotty Boy and Luca Debonaire, and a bass-heavy tech-house mix from Jerome Baker. If that wasn’t enough, the package is rounded out by a dark and moody late night mix from Keytone and the hands-in-the-air peak time extended mix from Dirty Werk. Something here for all flavors of house lovers … give “KICKBACK” a spin.

Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “Scotty Boy & Luca Debonaire mix is for me.”
Nick Power (Soul Kandi) – “DV Originator Deep Mix for me!”
Gene Farris (Farris Wheel Recordings) – “This is great!”
Marco (Radio 105 ‘In Da Klub’) – “Nice one. I’ll definitely play this.”
Frank Lamboy (NYC Sessions) – “Beautiful Production.”
Graeme Park (The Graeme Park Radio Show) – “Groovy, baby.”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “The DV Originator Deep Mix hits the spot nicely.”
Tony Wilson (Philly Nites Radio) – “Sweet set of mixes. Definitely will support.”
Curtiss Logan (Jersey Soul) – “Very nice package. I’m loving the Jerome Baker Remix. Full support.”
Eddy Spirit (Janga Radio) – “A super sweet production coupling Ouiwey Collins dulcet vocals with melodious keys and deep laidback rhythms.”

Available Now From: Traxsource, Juno Download, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Omotani - With The Jazz (Viva Recordings)

Long-time member of the Viva Recordings fam Todd Omotani reaches out with a top notch single for the esteemed imprint. A veteran Pacific Northwest DJ, Omotani has held residencies in Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, and Tokyo (at his renowned monthly SOLID party). Omotani’s discography contains releases on Amenti, Mark Farina’s Great Lakes Audio, and Viva — including a recent remix of Jay Tripwire’s “Filament Burst.” Also, Omotani is a talented artist and graphic designer, responsible for iconic images and cover art for numerous Viva releases.

With The Jazz” is a smooth deep house cut that will please the old school heads to no end. Warm Rhodes-style keys, vibe riffs, a bouncing bass line, and cool vocal drops move this to the front of the DJ’s crate. Chicago’s legendary Diz, operating under the nom de plume of Bertha, tackles the first remix. It’s a swirly, hypnotic take, featuring intricate chord interplay, a sweet trumpet, and a feet-pleasing chunky groove. San Francisco’s Tim K, who supplied keys on the original version, rejoins the release for the second remix. A disco-style bass line leads this one on to the floor, while spacier, echoed elements appear in the midsection. Other melodic solos come on board, making this a definite late night treat.

Omotani’s “With That Jazz” will be released on vinyl with full color artwork by N8W. This is Viva Recordings’ first vinyl release in over ten years, limited to 300 copies.

Pezzner (Freerange) – “We don't get to hear house music like this enough these days. Todd is a true creative force to be reckoned with and the original really shows. On the flip side, Tim's mix evokes horns so smooth even Herb Alpert can appreciate. Great record.”
Kirby (Nordic Trax) – “Nice EP. Loving the Diz (Bertha) remix. The Original and Tim K mixes are really nice too.”
Lil’ Mark (Apollo) – “Diz’s mix is my fave.”
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite) – “Classy, nice tracks. I love the muted trumpet.”
KJ (Integrity Recordings) – “This is seriously dope.”
Mr. Bootsauce (Unity) – “Diggin’ the original mix. Jazz is always good.”
Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “I love Bertha’s mix, thanks!”
Rory Cochrane (Deep Site Sessions) – “Love Bertha’s Mix. Will support on the Deep Site Sessions show.”
Salvatore Logicfusion (Deepinradio) – “Beautiful stuff.”
Steve ‘Griffo’ Griffiths (Freak Da Funk) – “Yowzah! What a great way to start the day as I eat my cornflakes and listen to this. I’ve loved Diz's woprk since he 90's and no surprise that so far Bertha's mix stands out for me. Omotani's mix goes for the noodle and makes for perfect late night/early morning listening. Tim K's mix transports me back to the early 80's jazz funk scene. Great record.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Traxsource, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Alia - Can't Do Without You (Broken Records)

Broken Records welcomes ALIA to the label with her new single “Can’t Do Without You.” Hailing from Sydney, Australia, ALIA has built an impeccable career as a singer/songwriter, previously working with artists like Craig David and Nelly Furtado.

Produced by The Potbelleez’s Jonny Sonic, “Can’t Do Without You” delivers an uplifting, funky joyride underpinned with a driving beat primed to move main room dance-floors. Dirty bass line keys and swirling strings lend the track the darkness and light, giving it a modern jackin’ vibe with an addictive vocal hook.

Accompanied by inspired remixes from Demarkus Lewis, Needs No Sleep, Jerome Baker, and Keytone, this package represents how Broken Records is committed to producing tracks that can be used in all musical environments.

Building on the original, Dermarkus brings a shine to “Can’t Do Without You” that is a free-flowing love affair with house music. Melbourne-based producer Needs No Sleep adds to the Australian flavor by twisting the track into a deeper vibe while Chicago’s Jerome delivers a four-to-the-floor minimal banger. Not to be outdone, Keytone produces a tech-driven version of the original that does not leave DJs wanting.

Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “Demarkus Lewis for the win!”
Tyree Cooper (Groove Baby) – “I’m lovin’ it.”
Tommy D Funk (Good For You Records) – “Great song, great vocals.”
David Britton (Henry Street Music) – “Can't Do Without You is sexy solid driving house music.”
Lee Jones (Country Gents / Buslife) – “Crikey! This is killer. Something for everyone.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House Web Zine) – “Demarkus Lewis has been pulling out all the stops to deliver a truly dancefloor rework.”
Vincent (Paris One Radio) – “All remixes are GREAT! Full support.”
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) – “Killer release guys. Cheers.”
Taigo Onez (Bang Le’ Dex Radio) – “Really good to see Jerome on here. Full support!”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “Demarkus hits the spot rather nicely with his mixes. The vocals are pretty contagious too.”

Available Now From: Traxsource, Juno Download, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Snax - Loose Beats (Random Records)

Random Records presents Loose Beats, five re-imaginings from Snax's latest album, Shady Lights. Much like the album, this is an eclectic collection; the last audio chapter in the saga. Tying up the loose ends and tightening up the beats. Loose Beats.

Up first is a special extended version of “Loose Beat.” It's a fragile tune with a deep electronic mood tied together with a vocal performance from Snax which is distant yet intimate. Breaks are extended in this mix, the original of which prompted Will Automajic from Carry Nation to declare, “Loose Beat is the one for me here! So good!”

Snax's good friend Massimiliano Pagliara took time off from his hectic touring schedule to revisit “Shade Of The Living Light.” Seems Pagliara wanted the original 1:30 coda off the Shady Lights LP to be extended into an ecstatic cosmic banger, and he delivered! This remix is already burning up dance floors in Massi's worldwide DJ sets.

Mr. Manic is one of the true up and coming legendary children of the Berlin queer underground. He's been making a name for huh-self all over town, dazzling crowds with her otherworldly sounds, not too mention huh fierce looks for your nerves! Manic took Snax's thrill-hop track “No Fakin’” and completely turned it upside down. Must be heard to be believed.

Techno legends TokTok need no introduction. Snax first met the duo during his Captain Comatose days and they've been collaborating in many ways ever since. TokTok restructures “Loose Beat” with their signature four-to-the-floor sizzle, creating a stomper with minimal production and maximum stomp.

Finally, Snax returns as house music alter ego Box Office Poison with the last word on “Loose Beats.” This nine minute thrill ride recalls early morning NYC, Body And Soul club feels, complete with sweeping house hits, deep kicks, and shimmering highs. It's all tied together with an epic Latin-infused piano solo that will make the summer last forever.

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) – “The Extended Version and Massimilliano Remix are ace!”
KJ (Integrity Recordings) – “Solid. Feeling the piano, and nice remix by Box Office Poison.”
JT Donaldson (New Math Records) – “Wild! I’m loving it.”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) – “The Massimiliano Remix is cosmic bliss.”
Richard Hardcastle (All Out War radio show) – “Wowsers. These are all amazing. Proper.”
Gianluca Pandullo (Opilec Music) – “I-Robots approved!”
Snooba (Radio Panik) – “Haunted folklore … Snax is infectious!”
Ollie Blackmore (Soul Heaven) – “What a surprise package.”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) – “Shade of the Living Light is dope!”
Jon Fugler (XLNT radio show) – “A lovely retro feel to Loose Beat. The Box Office Poison remix is the best!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.