Groovalicious feat. Diana Waite - Free Love (3345 Music)

Groovalicious are tunesmith / producer Jonathan Atkinson and vocalist / lyricist Jon Martin a.k.a Boom, best known as front man for Norman Cook’s (a.k.a Fatboy Slim) 1990s dance chart topping Pizzaman project. After working independently in various styles of dance music, the pair joined together to create the UK garage sound of Groovalicious, debuting in January 2008 with “Love Candy” on soulful Italian House label Gotta Keep Faith Records. Their previous single on 3345 Music, “So Right Tonight,” was a big success, so Groovalicious returns to the label with the disco-fueled “Free Love.” Here they are joined by UK soul singing sensation Diana Waite and the results are spectacular; the soaring vocals of Boom and Waite, the old school house piano and strings, and the snappy four-on-the-floor rhythm combine into a prime time disco house anthem. A trio of hot shot remixes is led by DJ Dennis, proprietor of Philadelphia’s Selekta Recordings label. Dennis’ mix is a dubby, late night house treatment featuring some rolling bottom end, processed percussion, and just enough vocal to carry over the soulful vibe of the original. It’s a definite after-hours floor filler. Alexander East, the renowned house music vocalist / producer with a discography a mile wide, is next on hand with his Love Affair Dub. Alexander takes things much deeper, deftly cutting up the vocals in rhythmic swipes as the funky kick and hi-hat interplay drives the track through a hypnotic build. The final remix comes from Vital and Hubb, the Dallas-based duo familiar to followers of 3345 Music. Their Deep Tech Dub does what it says on the tin in a resounding fashion. It’s a moody reconstruction with sleek beats, pulsating synth chords, and echoey vocal hits from the original dubbed out for a spacey effect. Cool stuff here, and a nice cap on a quality package from 3345 Music and Groovalicious.

Giom - “The Alexander East mix is absolutely wicked!”
Jask - “Vital and Hubb’s Deep Tech Dub for me.”
Marques Wyatt - “Tight.”
Inland Knights - “Loving the techy funk on AE’s love affair dub … will play for sure.”
Nutritious (Brooklyn Shakedown) - “Rumble and thunder … the DJ Dennis mix for me!”
Dave Mayer (Strictly Rhythm) - “AE’s Love Affair Dub is dope.”
Lorenzo al Dino (7th District) - “Tuuuuune alert!”
Ben Mono - “Cool stuff found here. I will play it for sure.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Deadbeat Disco) - “All over the Alexander East remix here … superb! Loving the percussion and bounce in the groove. Total winner!”
Davidson Ospina - “Funky as hell! Yeah, dropping this…”
Christos Kedras (Kapa Music) - “DJ Dennis’ mix for me … Dark and groovy and in the bag.”
Peter Borg (Simply Salacious) - “I saw Alexander East was involved and got excited … then I listened to the whole package and every track is a banger!”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “The fiery disco-funk inspired original is the one for me … glorious melodies, uplifting vocals, and captivating rhythms make this one a winner.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.

Sulli & 5657 feat. The Skatt Bros - Walk the Night Remixes (Hype & Soul Recordings)

Hot on the heels of Hype & Soul Recordings’ well received single from Jeromy Nail comes a special sonic surprise for dance music denizens high and low. After months of detective work and negotiation, Hype & Soul forged a relationship with Richie Fontana, one of the last remaining members of renowned disco-era act The Skatt Bros, and were granted permission to release this updated version of the classic track “Walk The Night.” This is one of those cool cuts that gets nods of recognition whenever it’s heard; a slinky, dark groove with rousing vocals, hefty guitar, and serious late night appeal. Hype & Soul’s in-house production team Sulli & 5657 boldly tackle to tune with an aim to bring it to underground house music dance floors, full stop. While keeping the original vibe intact, S&5’s version pumps up the BPM and layers a stronger kick under some snappy house music rhythms making for an effective peak time version. For a take that’s closer to the original, look no further than Rong Music’s NYC disco champion DJ Spun. Spun’s Disco Edit is just that, elongating the intro and outro and keeping the depraved low slung vibe of “Walk The Night” in place. For a more mangled treatment, Spun also presents his Rong Music Distorto Mix which dubs out the original adding heaps of low end and an electric, gritty feel. Prime after hours basement tackle, here. San Francisco bay area DJ/producer Sparkinzi (Selekta Recordings) is on hand for a dubbed-out driving house music version in a Sound Factory-esque dark room vibe. Deep house elements share the stage with thick drums and a pounding bass line making for a definite DJ set enhancer. Philadelphia’s DJ Dennis, proprietor of Selekta Recordings, also tackles “Walk The Night” with big house music energy in his sights. Like Sulli & 5657, Dennis uses the vocal, surrounding it with beefier house music rhythms and a rolling, solid low end to update the cut for today’s nightclub speakers. Finally, TekFreaks are a duo based in San Francisco but also frequent inhabitants of Burning Man’s Black Rock City. They take the jam onto the playa and hang it outside during a sandstorm resulting in a ragged-edged electro rumbler that shows elements of the original now ordained with pink fur boots and giant steam punk goggles. All in all, these six tracks make up a diverse and exciting package that confidently thrusts The Skatt Bros into the year 2012.

Nick Warren - “Wonderful stuff. Spun’s disco edit is like the `glitter band on E.”
Ewan Pearson - “It’s such a classic - so it’s Spun’s Disco edit for me here.”
Justin Robertson - “The DJ Spun edit is top revival pressure. I’ve been playing this a lot again recently.”
Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco) - “At last someone who knows what they’re doing with an untouchable record like this! Bravo SPUN on his disco edit and dark dubby thing. 5 stars!”
Mark Farina - “Great. Classic tune.”
Phat Phil Cooper - “Great, loved the original … nice freshen up of the classic track.”
Chris Duckenfield - “Spun manfully handles this big beast!”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “Major release! DJ Spun’s edit is my fave, and the Sparkinzi mix is very good, too.”
JD Twitch (Optimo) - “All time classic that I feared was untouchable but some nice reworks here.”
OOFT! - “Spun’s Disco Edit will come in handy for sure. Also digging the Sparkinzi remix - big house!”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Great remix package on this timeless classic.”
Cosmo Vitelli - “This is forever in my box. The 2 Spun remixes/edits will be very useful.”
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - “At first we thought ‘oh no- you just can’t!’ A few listens to both of Spun’s mixes changed that. True to the original - this is the key. Also, Tekfreaks make a valiant effort to modernise the sound.”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory) - “I loved and played the original version to bits, but the DJ Spun mixes, and the DJ Sulli & 5657 mix, and the excellent breakbeat mix from Sparkinzi are all adding something fresh to the old classic. Top stuff!”
Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes Radio Show) - “This is how you revisit a classic!”

Additional support from Rayko, Robin Lee (Faze Action), Sleazy McQueen, Dirt Crew, Tiago, Justin Harris (Freaks), Gavin Hardkiss, Social Disco Club, DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray), Makossa & Megablast, Eric Duncan (Still Going), Stereo 77, Nico De Ceglia, Jota Wagner (Colors Sound System), Rick Preston, and Psychemagik.

Available now from Beatport.