Snax - Loose Beats (Random Records)

Random Records presents Loose Beats, five re-imaginings from Snax's latest album, Shady Lights. Much like the album, this is an eclectic collection; the last audio chapter in the saga. Tying up the loose ends and tightening up the beats. Loose Beats.

Up first is a special extended version of “Loose Beat.” It's a fragile tune with a deep electronic mood tied together with a vocal performance from Snax which is distant yet intimate. Breaks are extended in this mix, the original of which prompted Will Automajic from Carry Nation to declare, “Loose Beat is the one for me here! So good!”

Snax's good friend Massimiliano Pagliara took time off from his hectic touring schedule to revisit “Shade Of The Living Light.” Seems Pagliara wanted the original 1:30 coda off the Shady Lights LP to be extended into an ecstatic cosmic banger, and he delivered! This remix is already burning up dance floors in Massi's worldwide DJ sets.

Mr. Manic is one of the true up and coming legendary children of the Berlin queer underground. He's been making a name for huh-self all over town, dazzling crowds with her otherworldly sounds, not too mention huh fierce looks for your nerves! Manic took Snax's thrill-hop track “No Fakin’” and completely turned it upside down. Must be heard to be believed.

Techno legends TokTok need no introduction. Snax first met the duo during his Captain Comatose days and they've been collaborating in many ways ever since. TokTok restructures “Loose Beat” with their signature four-to-the-floor sizzle, creating a stomper with minimal production and maximum stomp.

Finally, Snax returns as house music alter ego Box Office Poison with the last word on “Loose Beats.” This nine minute thrill ride recalls early morning NYC, Body And Soul club feels, complete with sweeping house hits, deep kicks, and shimmering highs. It's all tied together with an epic Latin-infused piano solo that will make the summer last forever.

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) – “The Extended Version and Massimilliano Remix are ace!”
KJ (Integrity Recordings) – “Solid. Feeling the piano, and nice remix by Box Office Poison.”
JT Donaldson (New Math Records) – “Wild! I’m loving it.”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) – “The Massimiliano Remix is cosmic bliss.”
Richard Hardcastle (All Out War radio show) – “Wowsers. These are all amazing. Proper.”
Gianluca Pandullo (Opilec Music) – “I-Robots approved!”
Snooba (Radio Panik) – “Haunted folklore … Snax is infectious!”
Ollie Blackmore (Soul Heaven) – “What a surprise package.”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) – “Shade of the Living Light is dope!”
Jon Fugler (XLNT radio show) – “A lovely retro feel to Loose Beat. The Box Office Poison remix is the best!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Linnea Dale & Of Norway - Pets (Beatservice Records)

Oslo-based duo Of Norway — comprised of Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Christian Steenstrup — have made a name for themselves through countless DJ and live gigs and a healthy discography on the likes of Connaisseur Recordings and Darkroom Dubs. And Linnea Dale is a rising Norwegian singer, known as a popular contestant on Idol Norway before contributing to the international success of Donkeyboy's debut album and releasing solo albums on Warner Music Norway and Aftertouch Records.

Linnea Dale and Of Norway have a long history of collaboration. Linnea sang on both Of Norway albums and on various other tracks. Of Norway, in return, have remixed tracks from Linnea Dale's albums. The Pets album, released with Beatservice Records, is a compilation of sorts — a pet-project, if you will — collecting their joint efforts on one album. It spotlights the magical combination of Linnea Dale's dark and sensual voice and Of Norway's electro backbeat. The two tracks in this promo are exclusive to the compilation: “War With Yourself” features cool breakbeats and dramatic, bassy synths under Linnea’s expressive voice. And “Heart & Soul” is indeed a cover of the classic Joy Division song, respectfully translated into a dreamy electronic interpretation and perfect for those special end-of-set moments. Intimate and otherworldly, these cuts are ready to mesmerize fortunate listeners.

Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister) – “Both tracks are great!”
Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “Love these electro vibes.”
Afrika Islam AKA Charlie Funk (Zulu Nation) – “Good new electro funk.”
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp Music Radio Show) – “I dig the beat of ‘War with Yourself’.”
Kid Loco (Flor) – “Well done, great tracks.”
Hober Mallow (Mighty Reel on 107.3, Sydney) – “Love the spooky electro vibe of War With Yourself.”
Toomy Disco (Kitsune) – “Super like! Full support.”
Crate Invader (Point Blank FM, London) – “I’m feeling it!”
Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica FM) – “Heart & Soul – A tasteful version of the Joy Division classic.”
MadameFLY (mmRadio) – “Whoa. This is the sound I’ve been craving without even knowing it.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Juno Download, Spotify, And Apple Music.

Linnea Dale & Of Norway - Wait For The Morning (Of Norway Versions) [Beatservice Records]

Oslo-based duo Of Norway — comprised of Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Christian Steenstrup — have made a name for themselves through countless DJ and live gigs and a healthy discography on the esteemed Connaisseur Recordings. And Linnea Dale is a rising Norwegian singer, known as a popular contestant on Idol Norway before releasing a pair of solo albums on Warner Music Norway. Linnea has guested as vocalist on Of Norway’s recordings.

Linnea has a new album released in November 2018, and it’s an opportunity to work again with the talented production duo Of Norway. The previous collaboration, Of Norway’s remix of Linnea’s “High Hopes,” created waves when it came out last May. This new song, “Wait For The Morning,” also gets the Of Norway treatment with similarly spectacular results. The remix is built around a dark techno throb, heavy on the low end and sonically inviting. The entry of Linnea’s vocal comes as a ray of sunshine in the track, illuminating the production as deep and evocative. A steady build and a rising arpeggiated synth line further cement this tune as an after-hours DJ staple. An instrumental and a radio edit are also included.

Eelke Kleijn (DAYS like NIGHTS) – “Vocal version is excellent!”
DJ H4L 9000 (Excuse Me? Club) – “Epic instrumental version.”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) – “Vegard always does a top-notch job.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) – “Stunning! Support is a no-brainer.”
Marco Valvekens (Trendy FM) – “More like this please!”
Sasha (Last Night On Earth) – “Of Norway always deliver.”
Harry Avers (NOICE! Radio show) – “The full version is absolutely stunning.”
Duserock (Duserock) – “This is great!”
Indy Lopez (D&S) – “Wow! I can only say I LOVE it.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Impressive follow up to ‘’High hopes’’. These deeper Of Norway versions are offering a mysterious lightless journey into further reaches of deep house where elements of synth-laden deep techno and semi-trance surround you. Industrial rhythms merge to form a harmonious whole after Linnea’s vocals.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, And Spotify.

Flunk - SKL RMX (Beatservice Records)

Eskild Trulsen - also known as SKL - has been in the fringes of Oslo's electronic music scene for decades. He’s a long time collaborator with Flunk, remixing the band for fun and friendship since their earliest days. And the fun continues, as SKL unveils four evocative new remixes of Flunk favorites.

The first tune getting the SKL treatment is “Queen Of The Underground,” and the Norwegian producer delivers a deliciously moody version that’s both sexy and ominous. Its driving mid-tempo Italo-throb perfectly compliments Anja’s lovely vocals. This remix fittingly appeared at New York Fashion Week but is only now getting an official release. SKL’s version of “Lost Causes” is next, shimmering, sleek, and ready for the coolest of late night dance floors. “Love and Halogen” gets an atmospheric remix, filled with sonic layers that build and peel away to reveal the beauty of Flunk’s song. Then SKL adds an old school touch to “Subway,” applying drum machine breakbeats, synth bass, and bouncing pads in a manner that recalls classic Pet Shop Boys. Both SKL and Flunk shine on this EP, and it’s not to be missed.

MadameFLY (mmRadio) – “Very welcome remix work for long time fans of Flunk … deep and delicate.”
Kosta (Vibe FM) – “Top Shelf. Love the moodiness. Sexy tracks!”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) – “Nicely done.”
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Global Radio) – “What great remixes!”
Chrissy (Smart Bar) – “This is dope.”
Andreas Kinzi (Aromabar) – “Otherworldly combination. Well done.”
Hober Mallow (Mighty Reel, Sydney) – “Beautiful and moody music right through. I’m leaning towards Subway for dj’ing but enjoying all of them.”
Snooba (Radio Panik) – “Great dark wave vibes.”
Jon Fugler (XLNT Radio Show) – “A lovely collection. Some beautiful moments, and some hypnotic retro production too. Smashing!”
Nedj (The Electronic Underground) – “What a delicious voice! The remixes add that little edge to elevate them on to our horizon.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.