Welcome to 8DPromo! Here are instructions for getting started and submitting a release, as well as some information about how this works and what we do:

1 - Fill out the details of your promo in the Release Info Submission Form.

When filling out the titles, artist, and remix names be sure all capitalization and spelling is exactly how you want it. This is how this info will appear in the promo campaign. Any mistakes will delay the launch of your campaign.
Also be sure to include information on the artists and remixers in the spaces provided. This will help us with our promotion of the release.
You may skip any non-required fields that are not applicable to your release.
If you have one sheet or press release text then include that in the space provided. If you don't have this, then please include some quick information or facts about the songs, your label, the style of the tracks, how the release came together, and other interesting things that reviewers of your release should know about.

2 - Now compile a ZIP file containing mastered WAVs (or AIFFs) and high resolution cover art.

Note that if your audio is unmastered or not mastered properly and there are quality issues then we may reject the release.
It is not mandatory, but if you have release one sheets, artist or label biographies, artist photos, and / or label logos then please include those as well. All of this will help us pitch and promote your release. 
You can send us the ZIP file through your own FTP or a service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or HighTail, but please do not use Sendspace. 
If you use Dropbox then you can share a folder with this e-mail address: music@8DPromo.com

3 - Once we have everything it will generally take us 2 - 3 days to have a promo ready to go.

A test of the promo will be sent to you for approval or any recommended changes before it goes out to the public. You will also be sent an invoice at this time. PayPal is our preferred payment method. The promo will not be sent until payment has cleared. 
Note: We do have a priority / express service available if you are in a rush to get your promo launched. For an extra $35 fee we can have your promo ready to go same day if all materials are received by 2 PM (New York time), or before noon the next day if the materials are received afterwards. Please inquire if you are interested in this additional service. 


A promo campaign is usually rolled out in three steps:
- About 3 - 4 weeks before release date (or 2 weeks before pre-release date, if you're doing an exclusive pre-release period with a single store i.e. available for 2 weeks exclusively on Beatport) we send to some reviewers to meet their release date review requirements, select key radio influencers, and 'name' DJs whose feedback will be useful for your distributor notes and one sheet / web site text (as well as 'hype building').
- 2 weeks before general release date or on the week of the pre-release date we service the promo to full radio. We don't like to service to radio too early before the release is available in shops as these DJs will more than likely move on and not be playing the music once it's actually for sale to the public. Thus we aim to time this step so that your release date will coincide with the music being aired and play listed on the radio programs.
- Just prior to the general release date we service online press (blogs) and regional tastemaker DJs. This is to keep a buzz going upon the release date.
We find this strategy works really well. We do recommend having a pre-release period with a digital store, if possible.
If you prefer different promo timing (such as launching to radio at an earlier time) then let us know. 

8DPromo will also run a social media campaign for your release concurrently to the DJ promo. This will help build buzz among your potential buyers and fans leading up to the release date. We'll create a SoundCloud player containing two minute audio snippets from your release which can be shared by promo recipients. This player as well as news of your release will be repeatedly shared on the 8DPromo Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. On the day of release we'll create a page with feedback highlights on 8DPromo.com. If you have additional news or information about your release that you'd like us to share (artist tours, release reviews, track appearances in charts or mixes) then be sure to let us know as you get it.

If you would like some extra promotion for your release, then here are a couple of effective services we can recommend (additional fees apply):

- Upon release date we can offer the consumer-oriented newsletter service. Our newsletter blast service involves the creation of an HTML newsletter for your release that includes one sheet text, selected feedback quotes from our promo campaign, direct buy links, and links to online audio previews. This newsletter is distributed to over 20,000 people on our consumer mailing list.

- Our DJ mix promotion is a cool way to expand label awareness as well. You, or a label artist, can create an hour DJ mix loaded with label highlights (and non-label tracks, if you wish) and we will solicit this to worldwide FM and Internet radio stations and mix-shows. Some of our label clients have found nice success with this service. You can also use this service to highlight an artist with a high-profile release for the label (that is, the mix will be by the artist and will be promoted to the mix shows and radio stations in conjunction with his / her release).

One last thing: we also manage a company that helps to license music to film, television, and advertising. This side-company is named 8DSync, and it's had great success over the last decade with high profile music placements in television shows, film, and with numerous advertising brands. If you control the publishing and masters to your release and the music is sample-free then we might be able to help it get some licenses. Feel free to ask us for more information if this sounds interesting to you.

As always, let us know if you have any questions by contacting us HERE. We're looking forward to working your release and helping to expand your label's fan base!