Core Service

Digital Promo Campaign Package - $250

  • strategically tailored digital promo campaign, maintained for two months, including targeted mail-out of releases to global radio, press / blogs, compilation A&R, and ‘name’ tastemaker DJs
  • private log-in access to real-time feedback, statistics, and reports on campaign status
  • one sheet / press release text creation or refinement
  • SoundCloud preview player featuring release snippets in a 'mix'
  • promoted Facebook posts for the release with buy links
  • recurring release posts on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+)
  • permanent release page, with buy links and preview player, on
  • interview or story piece on release artist for
  • release submitted for other promotions opportunities, including CDPool and Promo Only
  • all hosting and bandwidth for music streaming, downloads, and images
  • 8DPromo will be available for email consultation on label and release strategy

Add-On Services

Anti-Piracy Monitoring (ask for quote)
8DPromo will manage an anti-piracy campaign for your release using the Audio Lock service. Our monitoring will go beyond Audio Lock's usual verification as 8DPromo will manually search daily for activity on your release, and will work with Audio Lock to immediately remove any piracy or infringements.

Additional Facebook Promotion (ask for quote)
A promoted and targeted Facebook post is sent to our network, targeted for 5000 views, as part of our basic service. We can expand the number of views or coordinate multiple posts for your release according to your available budget.

DJ Mix Promotion - $80
A great way to promote an artist or label is to have a featured DJ mix aired on multiple worldwide FM and Internet radio stations. With this service, you supply the DJ mix and we will solicit our large network of radio contacts to achieve airplay in a number of territories. Some uses for this service are to promote an artist / DJ who has a new release on your label, to promote a DJ who is about to tour, or to create a mix that showcases your label to build awareness and branding.

Newsletter Promotion - $140
8DPromo maintains a mailing list of over 20,000 music fans, DJs, and music industry types. This service involves the creation of an HTML newsletter announcing your release and containing all relevant text (which we can write and provide), graphics, and purchase links. Tour dates, special download links, or anything else you would like to include can also be added. You will also receive an HTML copy that you can forward to your own list or post on your web site or label blog.

Also , we can offer Press Releases as a stand-alone service.
Press Release / One Sheet - $40
Biography - $80 to $140
Our team at 8DPromo has years of experience in writing press releases and artist or label biographies for music labels. If you’re in need of a professionally written press release or biography for your new EP, album, or artist signing then we’d be happy to help. One sheet text will be one or two paragraphs, while biographies will consist of multiple paragraphs, dependent on the amount of information provided. A professionally written biography can be used for at least a couple years. To see examples of one sheets we've written or edited check out the release descriptions on the Releases page. Sample biographies can be provided upon request.

Please ask us about our Label Consultation Services. These include:
- Contract advisement and negotiation
- Music publishing counsel, including the formation of publishing companies and overseeing their contractual concerns
- Drafting contracts and label-artist agreements
- Trademark registration (label, artist, or DJ name)
- Web site design and implementation
- Auditing your web site and social media strategy
More information about our Label Consultation Services can be found HERE.

Additional Information

Our Digital Promo Campaign Service includes these facets:

  • Two month digital promo campaign including targeted mail-out of releases to global radio, press / blogs, compilation A&R, and ‘name’ tastemaker DJs. Full tracking and statistics are included, and the label will be able to check feedback and progress from our web site in real time. Feedback can be easily exported as a PDF or CSV.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the campaign, including responding to recipient requests or questions, supplying WAV or replacement files, and forwarding any licensing opportunities to the label.
  • 8DPromo will help write a professional press release / one sheet for the release, either by editing and enhancing the one provided or writing a new one from scratch based on information given to us. The label will be free to use the final text on its own web site, newsletter, or any other place desired.
  • Extensive pre-release and post-release promotion on our sites and social media networks to help create buzz among the music-buying public. We will be using the SocialFlow engine to optimize posts on your releases in order to greatly increase impressions.

Your release will be sent digitally to over 500 contacts including A-list “tastemaker” DJs, worldwide radio show hosts and programmers, blogs and reviewers, and compilation A&R. 8DPromo will screen contacts to make sure they are not only applicable to your release but also that a promo in their hands is beneficial to your label … in other words, 8DPromo does not blindly send out promos. Every campaign is individually tailored to the particular release's sound.

8DPromo uses an advanced promo delivery service that streams the music for the recipient, but they will not be able to download your music unless feedback and ratings are given. This ensures a high ratio of usable feedback on your release and also allows you to track exactly who is downloading what. This information is among the statistics included in an online report that is accessible to you at any time, and is updated instantly whenever a promo campaign is visited by a recipient. Our promo delivery system also fully tracks all recipients so we can see who is listening but not leaving feedback, who is opening emails but not responding, and – most importantly – who might be sharing their promo link. The promo system allows us to immediately shut down any user who might be sharing their promo. You can what see our promo interface looks like by clicking HERE.

In addition, your release will be promoted through 8DPromo’s social networks which reach thousands of potential music buyers and influencers, and the release will be listed, with an audio preview, on at time of release with feedback highlights and buy links included. As part of our core package 8DPromo will also publish an interview or article on your artist. This will be promoted through our networks and made available for sharing by you and your fan base.

Be sure to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.