Klawz - Train To Brooklyn (Release Musiq)

The Release Musiq label busts forth with another slice of prime time tech-house, this time courtesy of transplanted Romanian producer Klawz. Now located in the USA, Klawz had established himself in Europe as a formidable club DJ before moving the the USA several years ago. Now Klawz is a big part of the Pangea Productions crew, an active promoter and DJ collective active throughout the southeast. In addition, Klawz hosts the Technological radio show on DI.FM showcasing upfront top tunes in techno and minimal genres. With his production schedule also in full swing, Klawz is pleased to present his debut single for Release Musiq, “Train To Brooklyn.”

The lead track, “Train To Brooklyn,” is a big room, beat-heavy tech-house mover that certainly evokes the steady chug of an approaching train. Well-timed drum stops, white noise splashes, and percussion flourishes give this cut potent forward motion for the dance-floor. Next, “Train To Brooklyn” gets the remix treatment from Kri, an Asheville, NC based DJ who is the founder of the annual TOUCH Samadhi gathering. Kri’s mix draws on his background in psychedelic electronic music with its hypnotic rhythm and throbbing bass-line. Electric stabs accentuate the chord changes helping to create a driving after-hours highlight. This appealing pair of tracks is perfect for those leaning towards the techier side of house music in late night sets.

Available now from Beatport