Stranger Danger - Play Deep / Next Knock (Tarantic Recordings)

Stranger Danger is no stranger to San Francisco’s underground house music scene. Since 1992 Dominic, a.k.a Stranger Danger has been involved in the underground music scene as a dancer, promoter, DJ, and more recently as a producer. Dominic has been making some noise lately (some very good noise, in fact) which has earned him releases on the likes of Blockhead, Primal Records, Pin Up Recordings, and Bueno Booty. The quality deep and funky sounds coming from this fast-rising talent now also grace Tarantic Records’ catalog, and the label is thrilled to offer the Play Deep/Next Knock EP with remixes by BradElectro and label-head Amit Shoham.

First up is “Play Deep,” a bouncy groove layered with catchy vocal stabs and effects. Dominic recruited Yerba Buena Disco’s Homero Espinosa to mix down the track, and the result is an impeccably-produced funky tune. Next up is “Next Knock,” which keeps the funk going strong with a jazzy horn riff and a light-hearted spoken vocal. Amit Shoham reworks “Next Knock” using his trademark lively percussion grooves to build the energy, and BradElectro gives “Next Knock” a synth-driven makeover using electronic stabs and riffs as the primary elements. Fans of the Tarantic sound are certainly already familiar with Amit and Brad’s work, and are sure to appreciate Stranger Danger’s superb grooves.

DJ Mes (Guesthouse) - “This is dope! My favorite thing from Dom yet. Ill be rocking this for sure.”
Tyree Cooper - “This is a real nice release. I will bang it thoroughly!”
Inland Knights - “I’m liking ‘Play Deep’ and ‘Next Knock’ … good stuff.”
Tommy Largo - “Nice stuff. ‘Play Deep’ and the Amit Shoham remix are my picks.”
Gene Hunt - “‘Next Knock’ is a heater!”
Doc Link - “Very different! Amit Shoham’s mix will catch the floor off guard.”
Al Bradley (3AM Recordings) - “Both originals are sweet. ‘Play Deep’ perhaps the stronger for me, solid deep/tech vibes. On the remix front, Amit’s remix is cool, smart percussion all the way and a lovely rolling vibe. The pick here though is Brad’s squelchy bass-driven groove, wicked stuff!”
Nick Holder - “Bomb release!”
CheckPoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - “The rumbling bass that courses through all of these tracks Is just awesome. Warm, but punchy, a little techy, jacking and smart throughout. I’m a big fan of all the tracks on this release. Really, really cool!”
Rick Preston - “Another stellar Tarantic release!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport