Various Artists - Discofobia (Whiskey Disco)

From the tropics comes Whiskey Disco, a sneaky re-edit label bent on dredging the decanter for diffident dancefloor genius from latent disco perpetrators. It’s loosely connected to Sleazy McQueen and his assorted cohorts.

Whiskey Disco #9, Discofobia, teams four edits from Perishable Vertebrate and Rayko. The former, a mysterious individual you may know from somewhere else if you’re in the know, kicks the A side off with a great dub-out of D-Train for “Failing To Get Under,” a very energetic slow jam. Next up, “Glazed Dog” is a real Honey Puppy! Synthetic percs, singalong vocals and a wicked break make a great chain reaction.

On the B side’s “Discofobia,” Rayko brings the dub for this pitched down cheese pop. Everyone knows the album cover for the original but no one has heard the single sound so right. And then … hey dancefloor, watch out! B2 arrives with the Rayko Dragon Soul Edit of“I Got Your Number.” We definitely don’t suffer from Discofobia here.

Tooli (Local Talk Records) - “Whiskey Disco, what can I say… Been following the label for quite a while and it’s always great to discover a new release. This release should have a warning sign: Do not play unless you want to spend the next hours on the dance floor doing some serious damage to your hips. Five stars from me!”
Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) - “‘Failing To Get Under’ and ‘I Got You Number’ are both great and will be playing for sure.”
Monsieur Monod (Sleazy Beats Blog) - “BOOGIE! I have a major soft spot for Whiskey Disco. Love the boogie feel of ‘Falling To Get Under’ and the wonky ‘Discofobia’ in particular. I can’t wait to try this out.”
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - “Tasty … sloppy ….. messy!”
Cuki (Red Bull Music Academy Austria) - “Yes, quite like these little beauties. Slo-mo house disco business is always welcome. ‘Discofobia’ has that really nice Kid Creole feel to it.”
Rune Lindbæk - “Cool!”
Joshua Ferguson (Dialogue, Inc) - “While the nu-disco scene gets more and more homogenous, populating the airspace with more and more watered down house beats and redundant arpeggios, disco edits remain a vibrant part of the alternative dance scene. This batch is no exception. Can’t wait to drop the digi-needle on ‘Failing to Get Under’ this weekend.”

Whiskey Disco releases are available from Juno Records.