Various Artists - Discordian Dreaming 5 Sampler (Harmonious Discord)

As the frost settles over sleepy landscapes and another successful year rounds to a close, Harmonious Discord present their annual dose of shades to come with a six track sampler featuring artists that will pepper the label’s approaching catalog. As with every Discordian Dreaming Sampler, Harmonious Discord strives to introduce artists and sounds felt to be those that will define the label in 2012. Harmonious Discord is pleased to present the range of emotive experiences chosen for this year’s sampler from avant-techno soundscapes to depth ridden house concoctions to the darkest waves of techno.

Wirik begins the compilation with "2050", a space-techno deep dive into his trademark world of cinematic textures. Dubby elements give this selection a classic feel with a twist of new technology. Next up is John Walker, returning to Harmonious Discord with "After The Storm," a chugging heater perfectly set for the dancefloors. This house burner is propelled by bumping bass and syncopated pads. Following in suit, Vital shows off his house music skills after his first appearance on the label, the killer drum and bass rework of PointBeander’s “So Fell the Orbit”. Vital’s contribution here shows he is no one trick pony with a floor destroyer called “Trap Door”. Retaining the deepness but adding a bit of classic techno propulsion with "Creme de’ Nuit," Ivan Dbri showcases his rush hour remittent club tool with building tension and a beautiful resolve. Discordian Dreaming veteran Elevotion always brings his tom-driven powerhouse jams to the table with a heaping dose of face melting dance music. Rich with automation and character, “Pitchbender” is a contending crate staple for touring jet setters. A turn down darker corners transitions the listener into our next shade with works by DRK and Driip. These newcomers to the label deliver tracks that have an off-center vibe that wisps listeners out of their comfort zones and aim to express the richest abscesses of the human psyche. This is a perfect taste of some of the brightest and more ambitious flavors being showcased in the coming year.

Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “This is a superb release, right from the wicked deep opener ‘Trap Door’ and the brilliantly sultry ‘After The Storm’. Followed by the wondrous ‘Creme de’ Nuit’ through to the mental percussive workout that is ‘Pitchbender’ … Leaving ‘Lure’ to round off the EP in fine style.”
TJ Norris (Resident Advisor / Igloo Magazine) - “Really refined set!”
Greg Eversoul (Elektek / Evasive / Mono Stereo) - “Really tough to pick a favorite … I’m loving this sampler!”
Rob Pearson (Evasive Records) - “A great release full of different flavors and very useful tracks.”
Lee Jarvis (Do It Proper / MyCuppaT Blog) - “Another solid release from Harmonious Discord!”

Available now from Beatport