Vitamin D - Hard Times (Cold Busted)

The Hard Times album from Colorado’s forward-thrusting downtempo label Cold Busted label and its owner Vitamin D is a 20 track soulful Trip Hop experience with original-yet-vintage sounds and techniques accentuated by the excellent analog mastering by Mark Dann from NYC. Analog gear as well as ½” inch 20 ips analog tape were used in the process, bringing out the warm and overall feel in this album’s cuts.

Highlights include the fresh Hip Hop beats and cunning bass in the first track “No Love for Hard Times.” There’s also “The Drop By" featuring suave chilled beats and an infectious gangster melody, displaying Vitamin D’s dexterity of styles. A wonderfully clever dialogue sample gives way to more soulful hard breaks on "9000 Look-A-Likes" while "Walking Through The Streets" is sure to please the breakdancers on your dancefloor with its heavy rhythm and pervasive vinyl crackle. Other tracks further Vitamin D’s reputation as a master of abstract beat-ology.

Hard Times from Vitamin D is cinematic, well executed, and diverse, encourages and oozes expression, and filled with those much appreciated warm subtle sounds and pops. What’s more, the entire album is getting remixed by 20 different artists which will be released August 2010.

Fort Knox Five - “Really nice and crunchy cinematic beats!
Kraak & Smaak - “It’s a top release, one for the headz!
Kid Loco (France) - “This is really, really good stuff.
DJ DRM (Bastard Jazz, US) - “Crackly, warm goodness. There’s a lot to like about Vitamin D’s production sensibility. I’m hearing echoes of classic Pork Recordings material at times. It really takes me back.
Freddy Fresh (Howlin’ Records, US) - “Yeah, this is pretty dope.
Jamie Topham (CD Pool, UK) - “What a cool album for these Hard Times! Often reminds me of classic Madlib or J-Dilla.” 
Properly Chilled Blog - “This is insanely good! Not a weak moment among the tracks.
DJ Fonetik (Hungary) - “If you like RJD2 or Ohmega Watts you’ll definitely have to give this a shot.

For more information visit Cold Busted on the web by clicking HERE.

Available now digitally from iTunes and BeatportHard Times is also available on compact disc from Amazon.