Wyndell Long - Shikago Love (Full Flavor Music)

Full Flavor Music is honored to welcome Wyndell Long onto the label with the Shikago Love 4 track EP. A devoted music fiend since the age of 7, Wyndell Long grew up on a steady diet of black radio during the P-Funk era in Chicago. In college Long befriended Mike Dearborn, then releasing records on DJAX, who passed the early Wyndell Long productions to Pete Hutchison over at Peacefrog Records in London. Long was immediately signed to Peacefrog which began a series of techno/tech-house singles throughout the 90’s that garnered much praise in Europe and the US. Labels such as Primate, Soma, R&S, and DJAX also caught on to Wyndell Long, leading to his tracks appearing regularly in the sets of some of the biggest global DJ names.

Long’s debut with Full Flavor Music is intentionally ‘Old School’ sounding, sure to lead folks straight to the dance floor. First up is “Soul Searching,” which thumps but in a breezy way with multi stacked pianos and an intricate arrangement that adds to the flavor. ”Always Keep It Wet" is a simple ‘jack’ track … it’s pure Chicago, no studio tricks or high sampling rates. "Damn Wireless Network" is a tribute to classic NY techno. Simple grooves, retro drum machine hits, and standard beeps and claps with a solid snare freakout section within the track. "Shikago Love" is the result of experiments with timing. The bassline and hi-hats are off the normal grid, but come together when heard in unison. There are a lot of subtle elements that move the track as something different happens about every eight bars. Analog synthesizers glide against a smoothed out high end in a way that is refreshingly pleasant to the ears, making the cut stand out amongst today’s extra hot and crispy releases.

François K. (Deep Space NYC / Wave Music) - “Definitely in the box with this one! ‘Shikago Love' & 'Soul Searching' will receive some play.”
Claude Young - “A really nice EP from a master track maker! ‘Always Keep It Wet’ is my favorite!”
Nick Harris (NRK Music) - “Some slammin’ stuff here! These tracks have big balls and I will definitely try them out.”
Joshua Iz (Vizual / Bring Down The Walls) - “I need more Wyndell Long in my life!”
Brett Johnson - “Cool stuff Wyndell! I’m Feeling ‘Keep It Wet' the most.” 
Lee Jarvis ( Do It Proper / MyCuppaT Blog) - “Love the melodic techno vibe of ‘Soul Searching’, and the Chicago warehouse feel of ‘Wet’. A great all around EP!”
Al Bradley (3AM Recordings) - “Oooh yes! These are raw! Like they’ve been found in a Chicago vault somewhere and dusted down. All four work in their own right, but ‘Soul Searching' is the main pick. A solid release!”
Justin Harris (Music For Freaks) - “Wow! A proper House music EP. I’m really feeling the depth involved in ‘Shikago Love' and 'Soul Searching’”
Pointbender (Harmonious Discord) - “Found my soul!”
Greg Eversoul (Elektek / Mono Stereo) - “Solid Avant House music. Not your regular anything going on here…”
Rennie Foster (Rebirth / Dirty Works) - “Right up my alley! Wyndell Long fan from way back… ‘Soul Searching' is my favorite.”
Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News) - “Really diggin’ this exceptional EP! It’s nothing short of sizzling on the Techno tastebuds … Boom!”
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine Reviewer / United Colors Of House) - “Jackin’ … Stompin’ … Lovin’ this!”

Also supported by Switch, D’Julz, Stacy Pullen, and DJ Sneak.

Available now from Beatport  and emusic