Giganta - Force EP (Werkdiscs)

Giganta is a DJ, producer, and sound designer from Athens, Greece. She was a Red Bull Music Academy participant in 2011. Giganta does a weekly show on Paranoise Radio in Athens and is part of the Rotation DJ Collective that throws parties throughout the year in Athens.

This is the sound of Athens 2014 through the eyes, ears and body of Eleni Adamopoulou AKA Giganta. It’s representative of her fight against the negativity and violence that has surrounded her in her city since 2008. While Giganta’s powerful emotional response is portrayed in her music, her technical ability to create complex layered tracks is always present and striking: the synth melodies, bass and vocals pulling together in unison to create The Force. Think chopped and screwed, but with the opposite effect in pace. The rhythms are more than shuffling, they’re skewed and complexed with plenty of bass heavy bounce. Rich synth shapes abound in very intricate chord formations, also accented by or used as energetic effects.

In Giganta’s words: “Force causes a change, either concerning movement, direction, or geometrical construction. It is the power that starts something. Music is the force that creates hopes and dreams. And so it all begins.”

Will Saul (Simple Records / Aus Music) - “I really love this EP.”

Tensnake - “Interesting stuff … ‘Force’ seems to have some influence from Pepe Bradock.”

Lance DeSardi (Bang The Box) - “Killer tunes here. Everything is raw as f#@k, but ‘Can’t Stop Playing’ will get most of my love. Excellent.”

Fine Cut Bodies (Biscuit Real / Chi Recordings) - “Nice garage vibez here!”

Tyler Stadius - “I like the tracky, quirkiness here.”

Ourra (Pop Out And Play / Alola) - “The whole EP is pleasingly f#@ked up … love it! ‘This Goes On’ is my fave, but it’s difficult to choose. Quirky and very cool.”

Harry Avers (NOICE!) - “A nice blend of ‘old school’ sampling and ‘new school’ production techniques. Some nice soul here.”

Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Wicked EP! Really interesting beats here … definitely stuff that could be used to add something fresh to a house / tech mix set.”

Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Deep and moody. I like the tension on this.”

SimonG (Deep South Audio, NZ) - “Smooth, techy sounds from Greece … very nice. ‘Spot Scene’ has that hip house undertone. Fresh!”

Kadabra (The House Hookup Radio Show) - “Really cool EP. Different but still functional. I will have fun testing these out.”

Milton Welch (Soul Reflector) - “I love the complexity here. ‘Spot Scene’ is what i’d imagine avant garde house to sound like. Definitely not run of the mill or by the numbers. Refreshing.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.