Trust - F.T.F (Arts & Crafts)

Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (Austra). Formed in 2009, the Toronto-based duo released its first singles, “Candy Walls” and “Bulbform” in 2011 before signing with Arts & Crafts for their debut full length, TRST. In the last year they’ve performed with DFA1979, Crystal Castles, Balam Acab, Glass Candy, and Hercules and Love Affair. Tales of lust, wax, and erotomania carry along on a dense black vapor of speed, space, and tears. Trust is a pop hit factory buried deep in the mud.

The cut “F.T.F." shambles forward with an eerie confidence, buzzy synths and disco-bot bass lines simmering just below the action. The vocal duo trade off on lead duties, Maya’s vox first followed by Robert’s baritone, telling a sonic story and creating an almost climactic build. Dinamo Azari of Azari & III hops on for his Dinamo Azari For The Humanities Remix which bursts with an Italo-flavored throb, Syncopated drum machine beats and staccato synth pulsations fuel the remix increasing its formidable dance-floor appeal. A somewhat sparser, more rhythm-focused Dub is also included for deserving disco dissidents.

Tommie Sunshine - “This is fantastic!”
Ewan Pearson - “The original is my favorite. Great stuff.”
Nick Warren - “Wonderful original for me.”
Erol Alkan - “The Dinamo Azari For The Humanities Dub works for me.”
DJ Three - “Definitely getting some dance floor action.”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “The main track will be swirling around in my head for days, like bats in the belfry. Modern classic.”
Psychemagik - “Strong release, the vocals are really engaging, enjoying the overall new wave vintage feel.”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “Pretty trippy.”
Gazeebo - “Delightfully creepy. I love it!”
Ivan Smagghe (Kill The DJ) - “Pretty good goth stuff!”
Iron Horse - “Dirty, vintage sounding industrial vibes that will make their way into some unexpected sets, to be sure.”
TJ Norris (Igloo Magazine) - “Trust has a curiously wiggly vibe, and ‘F.T.F.’ is a bit of post-electro brilliance. It’s perfectly dizzying, corroded and from the new Sharon Needles school of drag anthems.”
Chris Keys (Another Night On Earth blog) - “Amazing! They’ll be spinning this for years to come. Future Amanda Lear Ono Nomi shit. Fantastiche!”
Adrian Lugo (WEFT FM) - “Great dark disco-not-disco for the freaks!”

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