Ezel feat. Tamara Wellons - Girl From Ipanema (Makin Moves)

In the ’60s Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes created the Brazilian gem “Girl From Ipanema.” Sweet and breezy, the bossa-nova tune was catapulted into immortality by Stan Getz and a very young Astrud Gilberto, turning the track into a modern standard inspiring many to make the pilgrimage to the canonized Brazilian beach.

Fast-forward to 2013 and renowned Dominican dance scientist Ezel has taken to re-imagining the standard. Ezel took a break from working as a DJ, producer, and songwriter to re-connect with his formal musical studies. After a year in Spain studying, he found himself with newly developed senses and inspired to challenge himself. Ezel gravitated towards one particular standard he encountered in training, “Girl From Ipanema.”

Ezel’s version updates the classic, straying from the traditional notion of what dance and jazz can be. Through a deceitfully simple arrangement, Ezel infuses his rhythm with a jazz sensibility, adding a bit of a twist to the timelessness of the original. Tamara Wellons adds strong, sweet vocals to complete the circle. The single is bolstered by two remixes: Justin Imperiale takes it to the club for his DUBstrumental rendition, putting the song in a stronger dance context while still keeping the key melodic and harmonic elements. Ron Trent’s right hand man Trinidadian Deep also contributes his Future Vision Mix, completely stripping the song down and rebuilding it with a bugged-out, astral perspective.

“Girl From Ipanema” showcases Ezel’s experimentation and growth. One can practically feel the breeze blowing from the opening notes. This is just the beginning, be on the lookout for more innovation and surprise from Ezel and Makin’ Moves.

Abicah Soul - “Perfect song … I’m feeling this!”
Kai Alcé - “Great cover on the original mix and Justin Imperiale’s rework is definitely a keeper!”
Hippie Torrales - “Great rendition and remixes.”
Jask - “I’m loving the original version here.”
Jaymz Nylon - “If a piece of music could be beautiful this would be it.”
Doc Link - “Wow … sweet touches to a classic. Excellent!”
Souldynamic (King Street / Underground Collective) - “Nice cover of this superb classic. The Justin Imperiale mix is hot!”
Christos Kedras (Kapa Music) - “It’s impossible to go wrong with this one. I’m loving both Justin Imperiale’s more-straightforward remix and the ingenious Trinidadian Deep mix.”
Andrew Duke (In The Mix Radio Show) - “Superb versions, especially the Trinidadian Deep remix.”
Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg) - “Beautiful … deep … sweet summer feeling.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “Deep, exotic and seductive. It’s hard to choose the best here … every version in this package has its own magic and I’m already lost in it.”
Dean Serafini (JJazproJect) - “Stunning vocals and a beautiful summer vibe that needs only a chilled cocktail to complete the experience.”
Michael Terzian (Salvation From Sin Radio Show) - “Superb package! As a top-tier house music recording artist, Tamara Wellons does true justice to Astrud Gilberto’s original rendition of this song. Meanwhile, on the production front, Trini delivers as only he can, with his deep esoteric musical maps and Justin comes through with a life-affirming, thirst-quenching version that fully respects and stays true to the essence of what Jobim had in mind when he first wrote the song in the early ’60s. Essential.”

Available now from Traxsource.

Peven Everett - King of Hearts (Makin Moves)

King of Hearts is the highly anticipated new album from Peven Everett, multi-instrumentalist, prolific lyricist, and heartbreaker extraordinaire. Peven returns with a bang on an album fully armed with a sparkling set of super smooth and sizzling cuts once again showing his unique ability to seamlessly float across all genres - from soulful house music to R n’ B to funk to his own patented ‘power soul.’ As the voice of Roy Davis Jr.’s phenomenal hit “Gabriel” Peven Everett is always an artist who delivers quality tunes filled with moving vocals, clever lyrics, and genuinely captivating instrumentation. These funky, jazzy, soulful cuts are certain to make the dance floor swoon and send bodies into motion.

DJ Disciple - “I’m feeling and loving this whole release.”
Kai Alcé - “A true groove genius.”
Charles Spencer - “The man bleeds melody … I love it!”
Daz-I-Kue - “Yes … Peven never makes a wrong step. Big support from me.”
DJ EMan (Liberate Recordings) - “Dope … this is the business.”
DJ Floy (Paradise Garage Radio Show) - “Music for soul and feet! Peven Everett is awesome.”
Willie Graff (Pacha) - “Another killer from Peven … wow! I’ll love his sound forever.”
Eddy Spirit (Spirit Crew / Janga Radio) - “Peven Everett, a true legend of soul music, returns with a slammin’ album. This exceptionally gifted singer does bless us with his unmistakable voice that is full of emotion and energy. A truly phenomenal album by no means to be missed.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “This is full of style and soul … I love it.”
Phil Rose (Edit / Reel House Radio) - “Wow, the voice is back with more soul than ever. Love this album!”
Dean Serafini (JJazproJect) - “It goes without saying that Peven’s vocals are wonderful but it’s the variety of styles that’s most impressive. Clearly a talented and versatile performer although that probably isn’t a revelation to his many fans.”

Available now from Traxsource and Juno Download.