Reverse Commuter - Exposure (Hallucienda)

Exposure is the long-awaited debut album from Reverse Commuter, a project of the multi-faceted Los Angeles-based producer Kenneth James Gibson. Featuring collaborations as well as solo productions, this kaleidoscopic set of songs gives a bird’s eye view into the influences and techniques that make Gibson’s music a special experience. Reverse Commuter joins [a]pendics.shuffle and the band Bell Gardens – among other pseudonymous projects – as distinctive musical activities of Kenneth Gibson, with Reverse Commuter showcasing an adventurous and song-focused electronic music sound. From the first track, the subdued and haunting “Take It”, the design becomes clear … Exposure presents a sonic world that exists to get inside one’s skin. Kelly Johnston affirms this with her alluring vocal contribution to two of the album’s more evocative tracks: “Still Voice Convincing” and “Icarus”. Exposure’s seduction completely takes over on “Whispers In”, featuring Douglas J. McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb, Recoil) providing a masterful vocal performance over Gibson’s pulsating, otherworldly soundscape and rhythm. The full nine tracks complete the spell, an audio conjuration that holds the listener within an entrancing web. As Kelly Johnston states on Exposure’s third track, “Do you see it? Do you feel through it?”

Asadinho - "This is really very special. Organic, natural, yet modern in so many ways. A sure sign that we're in for some serious treats on Hallucienda."
Mazi (Audio Soul Project) - "Some beautiful tracks here. After several listens the ones that will work for my set should present themselves."
DJ Tennis - "'Exposure' … that's the track."
Chris Fortier - "Big. I have been killing the 'Icarus' track and love so many others on the album, too."
Terry Francis (Fabric / Wiggle) - "I like all of these!"
Lee Curtiss - "Sounds good! Nice and smooth, building grooves."
Behrouz - "Great package … amazing! Full support."
Clint Stewart (Second State / Safeword) - "Always a good moment to see new stuff from Reverse Commuter and even better on the Hallucienda label. Love this whole package and will play all of them somewhere at some point."
Nick Warren - "Great album from Kenneth, wicked sounds!"
Derek Plaslaiko - "'Icarus', 'Suction Suction', and 'Give Me Once (24 hours a day)' are what I would play out but the whole album sounds like a nice listen."
Tronik Youth (Nein Records / Back-Yard Recordings) - "'Whispers In' for me … good stuff."
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit) - "Unique, dark, deep, and powerful … a really nice feel."
Myxzlplix (Subdivisions Global Radio Show) - "I love the consistency of each track. As a big fan of Nitzer Ebb, I am really glad to hear Douglas J. McCarthy on 'Whispers In'."
Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Fabric) - "A really stunning collection of beats … something for all palettes, with deep, electronic, and club vibes all catered for in excellent style. The whole release is exceptional."
Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records / Groove Magazine) - "Like XTC used to say: 'This is POP, yeah yeaheaheah.....' I really like the album and its variety and courage."

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.