Rob Slac - Body Movzz (Chillin Music)

Kicking off 2015 right, Chillin Music’s Rob Slac gets down and dirty on his latest groove for the label, "Body Movzz". A driving bass line rumbles beneath contrasting ethereal, chopped vocal samples with crisp hats and snares creating a tight, jackin' rhythm. The lyrics are cut and arranged in witty fashion, flipping the script and threatening to elicit action on the dance floor: "body moves, nobody gets hurt!"

Recently relocated to Berlin, Brett Johnson is no stranger to making bodies move. With over a hundred releases to his name, Johnson is indeed a veteran producer. He deftly expands the vibe of Slac’s original using plenty of swing while maintaining the low end rumble in his funky tech house reshape. The biggest addition is the balance of tense, playful, and poignant Detroit-style synth tones. Better stretch those dancin’ muscles before entertaining this one.

Returning to Chillin after his All Day EP, Oakland native Nackt strips it down rugged and raw with a UK funky-style bass line for his re-rub of "Body Movvz". It’s like break-dancing in a bounce house … just the kind of pandemonium found in the more dutty dancehall scenarios.

Rounding out this release for the special vinyl edition is Chillin’s top selling artist of 2014, Nikola Gala. With releases on Plastic City, Freerange, and Noir Music, Nikola is surely right where he wants to be. Pulling no punches on his rework of Subtron & Markowicz's "Take U In The Back Room", he delivers a hard-hitting techno knockout. It is a pound for pound production, grinding the gears of each element to its limit with the kick, chords, and percussion all on overdrive.

Laurent Garnier - "The Brett Johnson remix is awesome."
Barem (M_nus / Foundsound) - "The original 'Body Movzz' and Brett Johnson's remix for me."
Alland Byallo - "It's all about Nikola Gala's remix. Brett Johnson's mix is dope, too."
Thomas Schumacher - "Loving Nikola Gala's remix."
Hollis P Monroe - "I'm digging all of these."
Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance) - "Cool track! The Brett Johnson remix is rocking it for me."
Diz (Iz & Diz / Classic) - "Good boogies all around."
Nick Holder - "Dope!"
Chris Fortier (Fade / Mindwarp) - "Really great stuff."
Giom - "Cool stuff."
Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul / Larg*e Records) - "A nice remix from Brett Johnson, plus a dance floor monster from Nikola Gala."
DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray / Beef Records) - "Totally awesome … all three cuts are dope!"
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings) - "It's great to hear Brett Johnson keeping it down within the deep range. Will support."
Alkalino (Estimativa / Audaz Recordings) - "Nice release. The Nackt remix is my favorite of the lot."
Distant People (Foliage / Seamless) - "Brett Johnson's remix is full of attitude and flavor. I love the drums … heavy."
Richie Hartness (untitledmusic) - "Dirty! The original version is the one for me."
Jesus Pablo (Something Different) - "Brett Johnson's remix takes you on a journey … where will you end up? In musical bliss at the least!"
Tariq Ziyad (Planet Rave / Dark Horse) - "I absolutely love this. The original is great and the remixes are also fantastic. A funky bit of techno for good measure."

Available now on vinyl from and Juno Records … available digitally from Beatport.