Ursula 1000's Latin House Listening Party

After the release of the remixes for "Tropical Intention" – Ursula 1000's summery Latin house-inspired extravaganza (out now on Insect Queen Music) – we thought it might be fun to check in with Mr. 1000 to explore the track's inspirations. His previous list of favorite 'cheeky' disco tunes revealed some brilliant unheard gems, so there was no telling what he'd deliver from his record crate in the realm of Latin-tinged club weapons. As you'll find below, Ursula 1000 did not disappoint!

DJ Gregory - "Damelo"

Ursula 1000: Coming out in 2002, this French Latin house monster was a mainstay in my record box. I wore the hell out of this one!

Gypsymen - "Babarabatiri"

Ursula 1000: This Todd Terry side project was also something I rocked to death. Awesome use of a classic Beny Moré and Pérez Prado jam.

Fort Knox Five - "Donde Estabas 2"

Ursula 1000: My good pals from Washington, DC, Fort Knox Five, did a sneaky little remix of a wicked vintage salsa bomb that is a brilliant example of how to do Latin funky breaks.

The Bombdroppers - "Nightbeat (Skeewiff Remix)"

Ursula 1000: Like The Fort Knox Five jam, this Skeewiff remix of this wicked Tito Puente track is pure Latin funk!

Armand Van Helden aka Pirates of The Caribbean - "Rumba"

Ursula 1000: We wrap it up with this old school house classic way back from 1994 from the eclectic and industrious Armand Van Helden under his Pirates Of The Caribbean guise, released on Strictly Rhythm. Thanks to DJ $mall ¢hange for turning me on to this killer.

And while we're at it, have a listen to the superb new versions of "Tropical Intention" – remixed by Pontchartrain and P.A. Soundavailable now from Insect Queen Music: