Sound Me - Growing (WeGrowWax)

The latest offering from the folks at We Grow Wax is from Polish trip hop band Sound Me, delivering a delicious twelve track album titled Growing.

Sound Me fully embodies the ambiance and a sense of dualism captured between a dark past giving way to a brighter future. Inspired by the struggle of living day to day in working class Poland, vocalist Aani spins her lyricism into an art that paints a picture of love lost searching for a genuine connection. The almost reminiscent old school values that this world seems to have long forgotten is wistfully echoed in the unique style of Sound Me.

A perfect concoction of heavy-hitting drum breaks, dubby instrumentation, live trumpet, rhythmic turntablism, and angelic vocals, Growing inspires its listener drop out and drift away. Deep and moody soundscapes laced with dark, hypnotic beats and powerful vocals remind one of Massive Attack or Portishead while bringing out a new flavor from the classic trip hop sound. This one's ready for the headphones and a slow night drive through the cities of eastern Europe.

Kid Loco - "This is dope."
Dogu (Ancient Astronauts / Switchstance Recordings) - "Very nice vibes here and good production."
Rory Hoy (Howlin' Records / Super Hi-Fi) - "Nice to hear some more trip hop stuff again. DJ Krush and DJ Cam would be proud!"
Stereo 77 (Plimsoll Records) - "This is dope! The '90s coming back in a proper style."
Hippie Torrales (Cyberjamz Radio / What Is Hip) – “Great mood and delivery.”
SimonG (Deep South Audio) (Volcano Radio / MyHouseYourHouse Radio) – “Dope beats for the floor. Chunky and funky. Summer BBQ sounds for sure!”
Aja Allsop (Ketch-A-Vibe Radio Show) - "Big beats and heavy bass lines in a jazzy groove … superb!"
DJ Firefly (WRCT 88.3 FM) - "Sound Me has totally nailed the jazzy trip hop sound we all fell in love with in the '90s, while keeping it fresh and unique for 2016."
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica FM) - "Cool stuff to be promoted at Ibiza Sonica.”
Marc Lacasse (sHIFT Radio/ Urbnet) – “Love the jazz and urban combinations here.”
Amrisha Prashar ( IAMRISHA, India) – “Dubby beats with beautiful instrumentation.”
DJ Doubles (Freestyle Fusion on Urgent FM) – “Fingerlickin' good.”
Mason Rothert (Below Zero Radio Show) – “Great music and vocals! Will be featuring on Below Zero.”
ActRaiser (Fokuz / Med School) – “Blissed out hip-hop jazz vibes. Nice one!”
DJ Tomas (Google Play / ForwardEver) - "Turntablism with soul that recalls Portishead's best moments. Very vibey and evocative tracks though and though."
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Radio Show, Australia) - "I don't come across much new trip hop on my travels, yet alone from Poland, so this was as refreshing as it was surprising. Lots of emotion in the production and vocals."

Available now from: Bandcamp, Juno Download, iTunes, and Spotify.