Lucky Sun: a New Single from Deniz Reno and a New DJ Mix

Lucky Sun Recordings has a treat planned for discerning deep house fans, with the eminent release of Deniz Reno's double A-side single "Sometimes" / "Blue Eyes".

We asked one of the single's producers – and Lucky Sun head honcho – Tom Lown how this beautiful release came about:

"I was first introduced to Deniz a couple of years ago by Richie Hartness from UM Records. The project we had started didn’t come to fruition but a few months down the line we decided to finish what we had started, which was “Blue Eyes (The Lucky Sun Mix)". Deniz had already written and recorded her vocals in Canada which she sent over to me and I produced the music in London. The same happened with the other song “Sometimes” – she did the vocals and I did the music. We had two great tracks here but to get another spin on it, Deniz had Russian based producer Sub Orchestra produce his own interpretations of the songs which completed the four track EP. The Lucky Sun mixes have a deeper, smoother sound while the Sub Orchestra mixes are still deep but a bit more electronic and dance floor orientated. It only made sense to release it on my label. I’m also going to be doing a remix for Deniz on her forthcoming EP for Little Noise Records.

Tom also has a great new DJ mix that you can listen to here:

Tom gives us the scoop on the mix: "The winter warmth mix is an attempt to put some some really warm, summery records together in the middle of cold winter! It’s deep, has balearic moments, and is at a nice tempo. It features two of the songs from Deniz’s EP and my remix of Johannes new track “Follow Me” which is coming out on Lucky Sun Recordings in March. There's a host of real gems on there. Hope you enjoy."

Deniz Reno - Sometimes / Blue Eyes is released on 24th January on Lucky Sun Recordings.