Various Artists - Receivers VA (CIRCUIT)

Receivers VA is a the first in a series of ‘various artists’ EPs from New Delhi-based techno label CIRCUIT. Led by Ashish Sachan AKA Hashback Hashish, the CIRCUIT label presents forward-thinking electronic sounds, effectively exposing another side to India’s always fascinating musical landscape. The three tracks on Receivers VA make this clear, led by Hashback Hashish’s own cut “Output”. Dark and percussive, this track showcases a unique rhythmic structure, given weight by commanding throbs of bass that will shake the speaker bins. The mood is expanded on through the next track, the buzzing “Novembrie” by New Delhi’s MachineX. The tempo is low and slinky, providing the backbone to layers of synthesized tones and textures, giving way towards the end to a surprising piano and strings breakdown. The release closes in a big way with “H(CHB11Cl11)”, a collaboration between Hashback Hashish and 5Volts (Wind Horse Records, Soupherb Records). This one transmits a refreshing dose of gritty funk which develops through the course of the track into a tough electro work-out. As with the other cuts on Receivers VA, the emphasis is on the low end, with a good bit of acid and swirling sci-fi flavor thrown in for good measure.

Gemini Brothers (Skint / Nein) – “Novembrie is just outstanding!”
Brian Busto (Serious Soul) – “I will definitely be rocking this one.”
Michele Vitucci (BTE Podcast) – “Wow, amazing tracks.”
Projekt Gestalten (VRAAA Records) – “Really nice to hear techno from different labels that are neither based in Berlin or Detroit. Very classy Techno, I’m definitely supporting it.”
Damaged Man (Jambalay Records) – “Really nice release. Hot sound inside! Full Support.”
Abhi Meer (Bhavishyavani Future Soundz) – “BIG sound. Will play out for sure and feature on radio show.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Nice dark acid sounds!”
Harry Avers (NOICE! / 365mag) – “It’s not often that we get to hear quality dance music coming out of India ... this is a solid effort. Well done!”
Taigo Onez (Bang Le’ Dex Radio Show) – “This release is amazing! CHB11CI11 is just a wonderful tune that is sure to get many placements in many of my sets to come! Excellent release!”
Nedj (The Electronic Underground Radio Show) – “Output is great opener with it's deep grinding, chugging bass-line, plowing throw the airwaves. In contrast the hi-hats in Novembrie are light and sharp at the start, adding to that a heavily synthesized crunch and almost 303 acid flecks drive the track to an euphoric climax of keys and strings. H(CHB11I11) is the anchor to this release, a more traditionally formatted Techno track and moves the release from 4 to 5/5 stars.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Juno Download, iTunes, And Spotify.