JV featuring Quinton Xavier - Every Time (Harmonious Discord)

Everyday connections, moments in space and time.
When you have a piece of my heart, it’s every time …

Harmonious Discord Recordings is excited to welcome back soul-specialist JV (AKA Jason Vasilas) with “Every Time,” a special project featuring vocalist Quinton Xavier. The duo offer a modern-day love song filled with passion and emotion, and set to the rhythm of a well-tempered tech house production. The combination is likely to be coined an instant classic. Remixes come courtesy of the versatile HD veteran Dorian and Hands Free (Akbal, My Favorite Robot, Connoisseur).

The original of “Every Time” presents a dreamy vision of poetic passion by balancing the vocals with thoughtfully constructed synthesizers and reversed effects. Frequencies swirl and build as Quinton’s vocals reach their peak and dulcet tones culminate with periodic fills to propel the momentum onward. Dorian’s remix wipes the dream-state away offering flavors of disco-era drums alongside classic house synths. Quinton’s vocals are in the forefront with penetrating vocal modulation. Musically rich and percussively precise, Dorian’s remix is poised to be a defining moment for mixed sets. Hands Free dives deep offering two versions of his subversive interpretation. Dissonant, unsettling sounds fill the cavernous space created by this slow burn. Hypnotic and ritualistic, the Hands Free mixes provide rumbling percussion and reverberated artifacts that cascade into pensive melodic harp accents and broad sweeping swells. There’s a mood for all occasions in this package.

Nick Warren (The Soundgarden) – “Very cool mixes from Hands Free.”
Vanilla Ace (OFF Recordings / Bunny Tiger) – “Nice tracks for a bar / pool chill vibe.”
Craig Steward (Montana & Stewart) – “Feelin’ the Dorian remix. Very tasty.”
KJ (Integrity Recordings) – “Tight production. Infectious.”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) – “Very very nice!”
Laurent N. (House Nation Radio) – “The Dorian Remix is super!”
Simon Francis (The Visionaires) – “A grower. I felt the original particularly just seep into the consciousness.”
DJ Electric (Magapolis 89.5 – Russia) “Very nice single. I’ll be trying all of the versions.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) – “SUPERP! Full support on this beauty.”
Ivan Garci (Vlosfer Records) – “Very nice release. Hands Free is my favorite, but all of the tracks are great.”
Daryl Dee (The Chewb Radio) – “Really feeling this. Great vocal and wicked selection of mixes.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, Apple Music, And Spotify.