The Deli - Jazz Cat (Cold Busted)

Austin hip hop beatrepreneur The Deli made serious waves with his previous Cold Busted album Vibes 3, featuring the song “Flowers.” This track shook up the Spotify world with over 14 million plays and inclusion on at least 500 playlists. Anticipation is strong for a follow-up from The Deli and, with his new album Jazz Cat, he delivers with gusto. Filled with the smoked-out, laid-back cut-and-paste rhythm-ology that The Deli is known for, Jazz Cat contains 15 enticing beat compositions. The title cut shows where he’s at, transmitting an old-is-new-again feel through scratchy snare snaps, loping piano chords, and faraway — both in time and place — city sounds. Other highlights include the dreamy lounge pressure of “Virgo Flip,” “Fractals” and its shimmering vibraphone atmospheres, the ‘hip hop party happening down the street’ vibe of “Spring,” and the crucial, jazzy beat construction of “Going Home.” Dig in … wIth Jazz Cat, The Deli trips the night fantastic.

Mr. Bristow (Subtek / Tru:Funk) – “Lovely jazzy vibes, great work.”
Pepe Link (Pacha Mallorca) – “Love it! I will play this during the summer nights.”
DJ Rahdu (BamaLoveSoul) – “Aces all around on this one!”
DJ Wash (Butter Music / Funk the System) – “I dig these jazz vibes.”
Rory Hoy (Super Hi-Fi Recordings) – “This is FANTASTIC! So reminds me of Pete Rock, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, J Dilla, Primo and the like, and is in the name league as those guys. Absolutely amazing.”
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) – “An exciting blend of beats and grooves, strictly in a jazz groove.”
Germo Robra (Copasetic) – “These tunes bring me into a perfect summer mood. A fantastic combination of relaxed beats and loungy jazz, with a hint of West Coast hip hop.”
Floored Capri (Kane FM) – “Dusty, laid back vibes. More pizzazz than Cameron Diaz … This is what I'm talkin’ about!”
MadameFLY - (mmRadio) – “A head-noddin' treat … sprinkle liberally over your next hot set to punch-up the flavor a little for the cats in the back.”
Clairvo (Tilos Radio FM 90.3) – “I wanna play all 15 of the tracks out. So tasty, catchy and proper they are. Right in the correct mood and vibe.”

Available Now From: Juno Download, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.