Akshin Alizadeh - Wash Away (Cold Busted)

Cold Busted welcomes back Akshin Alizadeh, the man from Azerbaijan, for a new single featuring Manchester based singer-songwriter Chesqua. “Walk Away" reflects the producer’s strong funk and nu jazz influences as well as his ability to combine funky grooves with punchy hip-hop beats. The song opens up with orchestral strings, piano flares, and Chesqua’s vocals (whose singing is reminiscent of India from MAW fame) before later introducing rhythmic guitar, an organ, and a rich sax. The drumming is tight with accentuating cuts and fair use of the filter for breakdowns. If the beat is all one’s after, an Instrumental Mix is available. Let’s get lifted … this one’s communal.

Tim Utah (Utah Saints / Beatvandals) - “Great track, and I love the vocal. Really cool tune.”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “It’s wonderful to hear this head space again.”
Luca Trevisi (LTJ X-Perience) - “Deep soul funk … great tune!”
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp) - “Super song, dope sound. I’ll play and support it.”
Simon Hodge (BBC 6 Music) - “Great arrangements and what an interesting voice!”
Shantisan (Salted Soul / One Note Samba) - “A great combination of nu-soul and what was once called trip hop.”
Dunks (The Funk Hunters) - “Damn, Akshin brings the heat every time! This is beautifully produced and Chesqua’s vocals are a perfect fit.”
Anji Bee (The Chillcast) - “Classic trip hop sounds with nice vocals and production … punchy.”
Robin Parris (Parris & Vanucci / Dancefloor Outlaws) - “I love the vibes from this … a real head down, beach friendly beat.”
DJ Moni (Friends We Love) - “Soulful track and beautiful vocals. Pays homage to the acid jazz era.”
Jamie Topham (CDPool) - “I really like this. This chilled, jazzy vibe could be one to take worldwide soul / jazz airwaves by surprise.”
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica FM) - “Great stuff.”
Clairvo (Tilos Radio, Hungary) - “Yeah, a new style is born … this is lounge-funk! Mind blowing.”

Available now from Beatport and The Cold Busted Store.