Andrew Wickes - PAP (Terraform Records)

Terraform Records returns with a slamming new tech-house single from Andrew Wickes, a native of Aspen, Colorado now residing in Berlin, and proprietor of his own Not Bad Music label. The curiously named “PAP” is an accomplished taste of bass-heavy, pulsating late night tech house featuring a steady four-on-the-floor kick, active percussion, and a surprisingly exotic breakdown. It’s the type of track that aims to mesmerize the dance floor while transporting it to another land. Snatches of melody and crackling sound design add to the cut’s otherworldly flavor. On the remix comes Denver’s Jaceo who has found previous success with tracks and remixes for the likes of Kling Klong, Great Stuff, Defective, and Terraform. Jaceo takes “PAP” solidly into the big room, complete with a bold, bouncing rhythm, dramatic whooshes, filtered breakdowns, and touches of the exotic elements from the original. The production on both tracks is full and impeccable, primed for maximum rinsing on the best of sound systems. Dig in.

Alland Byallo - “I like the original mix here and it’s still 100% relevant to the classic Terraform vibe. That’s really cool.”
Android Cartel - “Nice one … support!”
Mark Pledger - “Nice groove!”
Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) - “Sounds excellent … will spin.”
Andy Bury (ABX) - “Nice, chunky, tribally drum biznizz. A bum shaker!”
Mark Knight - “Cool.”
Noah Pred (Thoughtless / Highgrade) - “Nice club tracks.”
DJ Aldrin (Zouk Club) - “I’m feeling Jaceo’s deep tribal groove.”
Jelo (Bugeyed) - “Dark and twisted. Thick like a fog and chuggy like a train.”
Alex Costa (Intacto / KD Music) - “The Jaceo remix is cooool!”
Joshua Jacobs (Music You Need blog) - “The original track by Andrew Wickes is an absolute dance floor destroyer!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.