Church Williams - The Summer Remixes (Breakshop Studios)

San Francisco’s Breakshop Studios is pleased to present The Summer Remixes EP, collecting some remarkable remix reinventions of tracks from singer / songwriter Church Williams. Williams’ trump card is his voice; natural and unpretentious, it lifts his songs and lyrics above the norm as evidenced by last spring’s debut EP Touch The Sun. The Summer Remixes re-contextualize his songs, stripping them down and tossing them into more electronic-oriented surroundings, and it is the voice that ties it all together. Fellow San Francisco producer CaseyDC tackles “Master Plan,” giving it a lovely, balearic sheen that grooves in a spacey mid-tempo nu-disco manner. “New Sight” gets a moodier treatment from New York’s Eddie Hoey (Rock It Science Labs, Overground Digital) aiming for house music dance floors with a version that swings between poppier embellishments and grittier, club-driven textures. Williams’ track “Radio” gets two remixes, including a head-nodding electronic downtempo groover from film composer Schpilkas and a flowing house version with techy elements and chiming piano from the duo Smash & Grab.

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “These are great mixes!”
Tensnake - “‘Master Plan’ is very smooth and melodic.”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “The ‘Master Plan’ remix is masterful … superb, dreamy, Balearic vibe.”
Black Mighty Wax (Irma) - “I’m captured by the creativity of these remixes. Nice work!”
Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe / Filtered Sunshine) - “The CaseyDC remix takes the prize here! Seriously deep, and perfect for my sets.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “I’m liking the Eddie Hoey remix of ‘New Sight’ … hooky drums, driving rhythm and good production.”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory) - “The Schpilkas remix of ‘Radio’ is lovely and the CaseyDC remix of ‘Master Plan’ is exquisite!”
Mason Rothert (Jet Set on iHeartRadio) - “I like this … it’s different and doesn’t lose your attention. Waiting to hear what comes next.”
Snooba (Contrebande Radio, Belgium) - “The Eddie Hoey remix of ‘New Sight’ is the bomb.”
DJ Tomas (Friday Night Session / ForwardEver) - “I really like CaseyDC’s mix … its nice builds and subtle instrumentation fit the track perfectly.”
Da Wiseguy (Mixed Up Radio Show, Dublin) - “A nice little slice of dreamy house for lost summer days.”
Fabrizio Marra (Ibiza Global Radio) - “Nice package … smooth, deep, and rolling with Eddie Hoey’s version of ‘New Sight’ as my favorite.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.