Colors Sound System - Sementes Ardentes (Lovemonk)

‘Psychedelic’ is just one of the adjectives that come to mind when hearing Brazilian duo Colors Sound System. On their first single for Lovemonk, São Paolo brothers Jota Wagner and Wander A, who call themselves ‘weird house music composers’, continue on the path to a higher state of consciousness with four slices of mind-altering disco and house splashed with Spacemen 3-like vocals and seventies prog guitars and organs. Just listen to the almost eleven minutes of “Ar” if you don’t believe. Or “1974”. Or “Poeira Lunar”, for that matter. The beat-less title track is the only one staying under the seven-minute limit, and it’s also the last track on the EP, like a much-needed comedown. Space is the place, as the great Sun Ra said.

Colors Sound System have been helping build the Brazilian modern music scene with their dazzling parties in their hometown São Paulo, representing their city and country taking their sounds to sweaty dance floors all over the world. Jota and Captain Wagner like to keep things eclectic, adding ingredients from psychedelia, indie-rock, funk, and the musical tradition of Brazil to their disco and house. Over the years they’ve released several EPs and singles, and contributed to a string of compilations, on labels like Blunted Funk, EIGHT-TRACKS, Candy Music, and Lunatic Jazz, with endorsement from reputed DJs such as Andy Cato, Robert Owens, Mark Farina, and Quentin Harris.

Nick Warren - “Sounding like it came straight out of a Tarantino movie. I love it.”
Cosmo Baker - “These are some really great sounds.”
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - “Beautiful.”
Social Disco Club - “Very good!”
Tal M. Klein (Aniligital Music) - “My first five star review of 2013! ‘1974’ is a beautiful track … I love it. Great release overall. Fantastic stuff!”
Lou Teti - “The EP has a really nice sound, especially ‘Poeira Lunar.’”
Stereo 77 - “Wow! Colors Sound System has truly taken their already unique sound into very inspirational heights.”
Bill Brewster - “‘1974’ is f**king great.”
Soft Rocks - “Solid! Loving it all.”
Roual Galloway (Faith / Shrunken Head) - “‘1974’ is a killer … gigantic groove!”
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - “Top stuff here, a very authentic groove influenced set of beats to tickle our fancy. ‘Poeira Lunar’ is fantastic & ‘Ar’ is superb! Vibraciones tremendas.”
Mark Reynolds (Just Chillin Radio Show) - “If your feet aren’t moving then check that they’re still attached!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.