Cosmic JD & Dick Diamonds - Tropicaux / Bronco Perdido (Harmonious Discord)

As seasons change, the Harmonious Discord label’s focus shifts to Canada. Producers Dan Tracy and Juan D. Casas currently co-exist in Toronto, separately moonlighting under various projects before pairing up for this release. Dan is better known as Dick Diamonds, boss man of the Deep North crew, sometimes working with other members as The Hermans (530 Techno, Bad Animals) or Jerry Riggs. Meanwhile, Cosmic JD is the solo moniker of Juan who also operates as half of the indie dance group Elextra. Their convergence gives “Tropicaux” a life of its own.

This first track, a collaboration with singer Botsi, offers a disco-tinged dance workout. Pervasive percussion shuffles around soft pad swells as vocal hums and LFO-laden synthesizers lift the song into dreamy territory, sometimes drifting off into verses of broken beat. “Bronco Perdido” flows from a different depth as subdued pads and tones bellow through echo chambers. The bass lingers under a dubby percussive cadence and an evident low-pass filtered atmosphere. Disillusioned vocals add to the track’s eerie sounds of lost souls. The landscape of this release should be warmly received with the looming winter doldrums.

Nick Warren - “‘Bronco Perdido’ is damn cool.”
Toomy Disco (Ultimate Man / Kitsuné) - “Nice textures and melodies … that break beat with the synth layers! In love with ‘Bronco Perdido.’”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “‘Bronco Perdido’ for me … I’m digging the slightly spooky, forlorn vibe.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Very smart vibes on both cuts here. ‘Tropicaux’ is a cracking future-disco joint while ‘Bronco Perdido’ is a glorious, bubbling groove. I’ll definitely will get loads of use from this solid single.”
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records / Omni A.M.) - “Listening to this makes me feel high. This sh*t is strong.”
Tony D’Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria) - “Intriguing stuff. I like the minimal sparse synthetic feel.”
Deepshizzol (MyHouseYourHouse) - “Gorgeous production!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Slick moody vibe going on here, working well like the space created with the rhythms.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “A nice and mesmerizing slice of tech-soul.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM) - “‘’Tropicaux’ has a retro magic, full of exotic sound effects and a killer new wave bass line. ‘Bronco Perdido’ comes from a deeper, intergalactic state of mind with its space pads and android atmosphere alongside outer space vocals.”
Schugar (Infusion Project / Whiskey Pickle) - “The moodiness of this release is amazing! Such a perfect duo of pieces for the start of winter.”

Available now from Beatport.