Destronauts - Endangered Species EP (Honeywax Records)

Brooklyn-based imprint Honeywax Records presents the latest release from Destronauts, the Endangered Species EP. Destronauts draw on a long history of DJ’ing, specializing in ‘liquid’ drum n’ bass and headier house music sounds with DC’s renowned 2Tuff crew and residencies with Eighteenth Street Lounge in the beginning of the last decade. After a move to Italy, and then a final relocation to Brooklyn, Destronauts officially formed as a duo exploring spacier electronic and indie rock sounds before settling on a cosmic, disco-inspired house style as a solo project. Destronauts can be defined by lush pads, deep stabs, pulsing kicks, old sounds, 808’s, and a steady beat that pushes through the night.

The tracks on the Endangered Species EP were directly inspired by experiences in illegal warehouse parties circa 1992. Destronauts strove to capture the sense of danger amidst the security of being surrounded by like minded people wanting to hear new sounds and dance. A modern, after hours techno sound permeates the EP along with an underlying theme of mankind and its effects on other men and animals. Destronauts see the EP as a unique opportunity to tell a story through the vessels of house and techno music. Bass lines, synths, and hi-hats became voices of determination, suspense, and tension.

Within the EP are three tracks: “Sentient Beings,” with its ominous rhythms and pads offset by a smooth vocal conveying the desperation to free one’s mind with a night of celebratory dance, the acid-inflected “Endangered Species” that effectively transmits the tension and risk of an illegal warehouse party, and the cinematic, Italo-flavored “Exit Strategy” meant as a soundtrack to a scene of animals in captivity planning escape. There’s also an instrumental and radio edit of “Sentient Beings” rounding out the package. It’s an ambitious offering from Destronauts and Honeywax Records, certainly worthy of attention.

Laurent Garnier - “This is definitely for me … yes yes yes!”
Eric Duncan (Dr. Dunks / Still Going) - “Excellent release!”
Alexander Robotnick - “I like this … it reminds me of things like Suicide or Yello.”
Sleazy McQueen - “They’ve certainly nailed the early ’90s warehouse vibe without cliche.”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “Yes … this is strong!”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - “A real nice Chicago feel … every track is a keeper.”
Fine Cut Bodies - “Some nice dirty techno like it’s from the ’90s … nice time travel!”
Chrissy Murderbot (Planet Mu) - “This is large.”
Stereo 77 - “‘Sentient Beings’ is a dope track.”
HiFi Brown (Bell Biv Laevoe) - “‘Sentient Beings’ has a nice vibe … I like the fierce deep style. ‘Endangered Species’ is old school and on point. Great EP!“
Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Radio Show) - ”‘Sentient Beings’ is sexy Detroit-style goodness.“
Dr. Best (Headz Radio Show, Germany) - ”Exit Strategy’ and the instrumental of ‘Sentient Beings’ are my favorites … both are fantastic!”
Corbin Dooley (Electric Feel Radio Show) - “Terrific all around … stellar release.”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) - “Awesome … dubby, rough, techy grooves!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.