DIN - Various Tracks Released By DOVe Digital

DIN (a.k.a Pupka Frey) is an original founding member of electronic groups Digital Poodle and Kinder Atom and was also part of seminal 80’s act Rational Youth. Originally DIN’s releases were out in America on the same label as Kraftwerk and Future Sound Of London as well as on Ninja Tune/DOVe. His first CD Fantastic Planet was released on Oli Roesche’s Hyperium label in Germany. DIN’s music is difficult to pigeonhole but is generally an eclectic mix of synthesized, often up-beat, frequently all-instrumental tracks. Copies of his out-of-print 12” sell for as high as 180 Euros. This November sees DIN re-release all his original singles and unreleased material from 1994-97, a virtual goldmine of italo-house and spacey, ambient techno that was a blueprint for the genre back in the early 90’s.

On November 25, 2009 a massive treasure trove of unreleased songs and remixes were released digitally worldwide from DIN, with a total of 8 new titles now out including a a live recording from 1996 as well as a disc of ‘karaoke’ cover versions of 80’s tracks. Intrigued? Check out some of the sounds below:

Recorded in 1995, “Let’s 69” was to be the lead single on DIN’s 3rd full-length STARBORN. Unreleased until now, it’s a solid disco-clap happy ultra-melodic tune with full on DIN flavour.  It sounds absolutely contemporary beside today’s ‘cosmic disco’ scene. A dreamier Ambient Mix of the cut is also present here. “Midnight Jelly" is an unreleased remix of the track “Space Jelly” which appeared on the 1994 LP Decade Of The Brain. It’s a spacey builder with layers of electronic melody. Finally, in the track “Starborn" synths and pianos collide in a manner suitable for Italo-soundtracks or aerobic work-outs. A fine quartet of rhythmic, pulsating electronic tracks that would make Mr. Moroder proud.

DIN’s full re-released catalog is now available from iTunes and Juno Download