Dogher-Man - Certainly (Thai Dust Black)

German turntablism label Thai Dust Black journeys deep into Finland for its latest discovery, the scratch addicted beat wrangler known as Dogher-Man. Based in the faraway town of Kokemäki (population 7,923) a young Dogher-Man entertained himself by incessantly scratching on his mother’s unwitting record player. All grown up and funneling his obsession into years of ‘intense turntablism study,’ Dogher-Man has revealed his Certainly debut mini-album through Thai Dust. Heavy tracks of hip hop beats and high-speed scratch deployment of clever and in-your-face sample drops make for a charged rhythmic stew that aims to ‘get this party started!’ F-F-F-fressshhh ….

DJ Moneyshot (Ninja Tune / Solid Steel) - “All that scratching is making me itch! Word up, son. Skills for days.”
Double-D (Funky Fresh, Germany) - “Mad beats, crazy scratching … awesome.”
Aja Allsop (Ketch-A-Vibe Radio Show, UK) - “The beats are addictive!”
Genetic druGs (Cyberjam Show, Germany) - “High-end turntablism and fantastic voice samples … a futuristic style.”
Mojo Rising (Cold Busted) - “Nice skills and cool grooves. I’m digging it. Refreshing to hear real turntable skills these days.”
Tim Aldous (Strictly Business Radio Show, UK) - “Awesome stuff. Really impressive skills.”
Shantisan (Salted Soul, Vienna) - “One for the scratch heads!”
Monkeyboxing (music blog) - “This man’s quite a good turntablist … and when I say ‘quite good’ I mean ‘excellent,’ as evinced by this debut EP.”

Available now from Beatport.