Drop Logik - Hot Box Studies (Black Bridge Recordings)

Black Bridge Recordings is pleased to introduce you to the debut full-length artist album from innovative downtempo electronic artist Drop LogikHot Box Studies is a densely constructed downtempo offering, definitely drawing inspiration from the sampledelic beatology of early DJ Shadow, Prefuse 73, or NinjaTune releases. But, thanks to clever tunes and its driving rhythms Hot Box Studies succeeds in standing on its own.

Hailing from the mountains of the Southwest United Crates of America, a sound physician was born. Making drum kits out of trash cans, empty paint barrels, and whatever the hell else made noise, Chad Dixon aka Drop Logik aka Crate Diggler, began rearranging sound from an early age. Moving on to simply looping beats on dual cassette decks to buying his first sampler and drum machine and so on and so forth. It’s always been an outlet of inner combustion ready to be released into your headphones. Now is the time to press play!

Hot Box Studies bangs out space age mental gymnastics with crunchy samples and syncopated beats. Musical movements are cut together with turntablist acumen across a deep abyss of sound as swirly interludes play between the loftier scores. Highlights from the album include the outer space gospel of “Out Of Headspace" (featuring some eerily familiar melodic quotes), the crunchy abstract mind-trip of "Golden Age,” and the twisted gangster-bop of “Shrink Wrap.” There’s also “Smoke Ring Dreams" which brings us home and serves as your well-deserved introduction to the one and only Crate Diggler (Drop Logik’s grittier alter-ego).

Kid Loco (France) - "These are some nice downtempo tracks." 
DJ DRM (Bastard Jazz, NY) - "Great release…perfect for these grey winter Brooklyn days." 
Moodymanc (DJ, UK) - "I’m really diggin’ all of these….it’s very hip!" 
Marc Lacasse (Urbnet) - "This reminds me of crate digging through old melodies and 80’s game show tunes. I love this gritty and dirty trip hop sound. Classics in the making with great production." 
Double-D (DJ, Germany) - "It’s somewhere between Portishead and RJD2. Strange noises with a funky groove. i like this!" 
DJ T-Bird (DJ, Spain) - "Drop Logik has definitely been exploring the capabilities of his sound gear. This is a lot more than a groove & a dope beat." 
Tim “Love” Lee (Tummy Touch) - "Trip Hop 4 Life!"

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