Melissa Rapp, Daniel Schiffer, & Amit Shoham - Lapsed EP (Tarantic Records)

San Francisco’s Tarantic Records returns with a unique addition to their growing catalog, a collaborative song titled “Lapsed" performed by Melissa RappDaniel Schiffer, and Amit Shoham. Though this release leads with a trio of hefty house music remixes, it’s the original track that may turn the most heads. “Lapsed” is a dreamy downtempo wonder not too far off from the sound of acts like Morcheeba or Air. Featuring Rapp’s bluesy vocals, Schiffer’s accomplished guitar licks, and Shoham’s keys and crisp production “Lapsed” actually came about almost by accident. Rapp was taking a break packing for a move from San Francisco to Los Angeles and decided to give Shoham a goodbye visit. Schiffer, who was helping with the move, tagged along. Conversation and reminiscences turned into an impromptu studio session and the melancholy “Lapsed” was born.

To tie in with Tarantic’s housier offerings, the challenge of creating uptempo dancefloor versions without losing much of the original’s mood was undertaken. Amit Shoham retooled the track himself in the deep and soulful Unrequited Funk mix. Though shifting focus to beats and groove Shoham’s mix still uses Rapp’s entire vocal creating a sublime club track that still holds its own as a ‘song.’ Next up, Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane (AKA Origami), known for their extensive oeuvre of cuts for their Prismatic Tracks label, bust forth with a techy, bass-driven monster of a remix. The vocal is precisely manipulated amidst bouncy rhythms and synth arpeggiations. There’s also a Dub which strips out the vocals for an even techier treatment. Finally BradElectro, coming off his acclaimed Pinstripe Late Nite album for Tarantic, showcases his nu-disco grooves alongside stuttering synth chords and a spacey synth lead.

We hope you enjoy this ear-catching, unique release from Tarantic Records.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) - "The Phelan and Cochrane mix is cool. I will play it." 
Graeme Park (DJ, UK) - "Lovely vocal and song. The Amit Shoham remix works." 
Tyree Cooper (DJ, US/Germany) - "I’m really feeling the Amit Shoham mix and the original mix. This is a must have in the Serato crate." 
Pedro Goya (DJ, Portugal) - "The Amit Shoham mix and BradElectro dub are just perfect. Good work indeed! I will definitely play this out." 
Checkpoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - "Stunningly beautiful original, with 4 equally inspiring house remixes thrown in to create an incredible package. I’m a little speechless! Love the balls-out funk of Amit’s mix - warm bass, a little twisted in the middle, and great use of the vocal. Andrew & George also nail it, throwing forward a naughty bassline that will shake any club’s foundation! Top tune for months to come!" 
Dennis Lowrey (Philadelphia Weekly) - "Amit’s mix could easily be mistaken for a Miguel Migs track. It’s got tight bass, beautiful arrangement. and lush treatment of the vocal. THe original mix is awesome, as well. I’m a big fan of Morcheeba, and yes, it’s in their same vein and is done perfectly!" 
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica FM) - "Amit Shoham is the man. I love this sound."

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