Gramme - Fascination (Leo Zero Remixes) (Tummy Touch)

“Gramme are amazing and have influenced Hot Chip a lot over the years, it just sounds great when they play together” – Joe Goddard, Hot Chip

After more than a decade of silence – no gigs, no music, no nothing – Gramme return with their debut album Fascination. The cult around the band and their lone release, the Pre-Release EP, continued to grow until in 2011 some mysterious 12“ bootlegs of ”Like U“ began to appear, with edits by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. A few months later self-released white labels begin to circulate with new Gramme material. Those recent EP’s have gone on to form Fascination, the first full studio album by Gramme due to be released in February on Tim ‘Love’ Lee’s Tummy Touch Records.

As a warm up to the album, and a reintroduction to Gramme, Tummy Touch presents a couple of smart remixes of the band by London’s champion remixer and stoker of the acid house flame Leo Zero. Leo brilliantly tackles album highlights ”Too High“ and ”I Can’t Resist,“ bending them into dubby late night rhythmic stompers. Live bass guitar, snippets and bursts of vocals, fiery drum parts, and extended club-crazed arrangements assure these cuts with find a hallowed home in the DJ’s virtual crate. As a bonus, Gramme’s original ”Too High“ and the potent instrumental for ”Rough Cut" are present, both taking any indie-disco assumptions and ripping them apart with rousing abandon. Gramme are here, join in.

Ewan Pearson - “Love ‘Too High’ in both versions and so excited to have Gramme back. I have loved them since they were on Output all those years ago. Excited to hear the new album.”
Robin Lee (Faze Action) - “Too hard to pick a favourite. It’s all very good and excellent and Leo has done a top job on remix duties. I’m a big supporter of Gramme and they’ve always big in the Faze Action box.”
Chris Coco - “Nice original and remixes … exciting live feel.”
Richard Norris (Time And Space Machine) - “A great combination: Leo x Gramme x Tummy Touch = triple headed winner! Lots of floor play ensues.”
Sleazy McQueen - “Yeah, this is really cool!”
Pezzner - “Super nice!”
The Glimmers - “Yes, we want more of this.”
Johnwaynes - “Wow! Gramme is back and the remixes are great! hard to pick my fave.”
Nick Chacona - “This is DOPE! Love ‘Too High’ but the Leo Zero mix is also super hot. Actually, the whole package is super hot!”
Ilya Santana - “‘Rough News’ is definitely the one for me. Nice one!”
Danny Massure (Spring Strut) - “Funky disco vibe!”
Charlie Wild (Mixtape Riot) - “Wow, not sure how I’ve never heard of Gramme (I guess it’s cuz of the hiatus), but, damn, this stuff is going immediately into heavy rotation. Funky and grimy with just the right amount of spacey dub.”
DJ Tomas (Friday Night Session, SF) - “Killer live bass, great dirty post-punk funk downtown NYC vibe to this – i.e. fantastic!”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory) - “Love this to bits! It’s like a modern day Bush Tetras. The Leo Zero remixes are top notch … this one’s totally up my tree.”
Joshua Ferguson (Dialogue Inc.) - “In the post-LCD world, there’s just not enough of this kind of dance-rock to go around. I can’t begin to communicate how welcome an addition these cuts are to my digi-crate.”

Coming soon on vinyl from WIGWAM.