Gramme - Remix EP #1 (Tummy Touch Records)

After more than a decade of silence – no gigs, no music, no nothing – Gramme return with their debut album Fascination on Tummy Touch Records. The cult around the band and their lone release, the Pre-Release EP, continued to grow as the likes of James Murphy and Trevor Jackson began name-checking them. Then in 2011 some mysterious 12“ bootlegs of ”Like U” began to appear, with edits by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, and a few months later self-released white labels begin to circulate with new Gramme material. Those recent EP’s have gone on to form Fascination, the first full studio album by Gramme, ten years in the making. Hot on the heels of the album release are remixes of the tracks by various pals and fans of the band. Fiery versions of already incendiary material make up Remix EP #1 which features the production pyrotechnics of Luke Solomon, 2 Bears (featuring the aforementioned Joe Goddard), Filey Selassie, and Headman / Robi Insinna. The mixes retain the disco-punk flavor of Gramme’s original masterpieces while joyfully hurling them into uncharted dance floor territory. Four tracks not to be missed, primed and ready to ignite.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada / Lovebox) - “The 2 Bears remix is great, and Luke Solomon’s has plenty of swing.”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “Amazing music.”
Atnarko - “The 2 Bears remix of ‘Too High’ is awesome … support!”
Tensnake - “What a remix pack, only great names on it. Headman’s acid take is my favourite.”
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - “Solid rocking mixes all round … I’ll enjoy playing all of them.”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - “I dig the Headman mix because of its crazy disco feel, but Luke Solomon’s acid mix and the 2 Bears house mix are equally likely to find their way to the dance floor. Plus, that Filey Selassie mix is bananas.”
The Magician - “The 2 Bears remix is great … I’ll play it for sure!”
Danny Ashenden (C90s / Earl Grey) - “All the remixes are awesome … rare!”
Sleazy McQueen - “Totally!”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “Wow, what a package for such an amazing band. All mixes are on fire.”
Ray Mang - “Solid release!”
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - “Heavy beats! I really like thump of Filey Selassie and his remix, but I think its Luke Solomon’s bleepy acidic mix that does the trick for me.”
Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) - “Love the Headman mix’s boogie juice!”
UnaBombers - “Very strong. Hard to call but the 2 Bears mix is standing out right now. Nice!”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “The Filey Selassie mix is amazing!”
Bill Brewster ( - “I really like the Headman mix out of all of them … Luke Solomon’s mix is nice, too.”

Available now from Beatport and The Tummy Touch Store.