ICR - The Moments I Ruined EP (nice+smooth ultramedia)

Zoltán Gál is ICR, a Budapest-based producer who made his mark over a decade ago in the drum n’ bass scene, even founding Hungary’s famed online hub for the genre ImpulseCreator. With a background as a music journalist, ICR’s own music always displayed musical variety and an uncompromising creativity spread out over a number of well-respected labels. The formation of his own Misspent Music label gave ICR the freedom to branch out sonically, experimenting with different genres and tempos, dipping his toes in house music, techno, and downtempo breaks. Recent releases on Chi Recordings, Orson, Glack Audio, and Sonorous Music sealed the deal, joined by the release of his album To Make Right What’s Left on Fokuz Recordings and a high-profile remix for production legend Howie B. The trademark deep and cinematic ICR sound remains the same, but in new forms.

ICR’s new release on Toronto’s nice+smooth ultramedia label tackles the techno zone with the confidence and originality as you might expect. Groovy percussion, bouncy beats, and haunting atmospheres in shady tones drive ICR’s moody production into something epic yet melancholic within the four-on-the-floor. “The Moments I Ruined" is a chunky builder filled with slightly ominous melodies, and "Come Early Or Don’t Come Anyway" infuses classic sounding techno flourishes with rhythmic twists and clever turns. Meanwhile, fellow Budapest DJ/producer Synus0006(Panel Trax) has a unique, stripped-down minimal re-take on the title track which is undeniably hypnotic. Thus, three completely unique tracks for the more exploratory DJ sets and discerning selectors … no messing around here.

Derek Plaslaiko - “LOVING ‘Come Early Or Don’t Come Anyway’ …”
Onionz - “Feelin’ this!”
DJ Ingo (107.4 BOP FM) - “This has definitely struck a chord in me. ‘Come Early’ is superb.”
Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radioshow) - “Some pretty tripped-out sounds. This is music to my ears.”
TJ Norris (Igloo Magazine) - “Fueled by piss and vinegar ‘The Moments I Ruined’ has a passionate premise by way of its salacious beats. It’s upbeat and fun with a dramatic pastiche.”
Lukasz Napora (Polish Radio 4 / Audioriver Festival) - “Wow! These tracks sound really different, and I rarely give 5 out of 5 stars.”
DJ Bonehead (Heads Up / Sundada) - “Love the dark vibes of the SYNUS0006 Remix!”
DJ Mozaic (Travieso) - “Deep and cerebral … Good stuff!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport