Dance Spirit - Stay (Home Audio Recordings)

Chicago’s Home Audio Recordings, a forward-thinking house label commandeered by Angel Alanis, presents its latest release: an evocative four-tracker from the mysterious act Dance Spirit. Dance Spirit describe themselves as “an established techno outfit that wishes to remain anonymous.” Luckily, the music on this single speaks loudly in place of the artist, delivering confident slices of deep, expressive house music. “Stay” opens the set with a saucy groove, accentuated by bold yet dreamy chords and a mesmerizing, soulful vocal line that calmly creeps into the track. It’s sure to create that heavenly moment in the midst of an after-hours affair. “Where You Feel It” punches the rhythm up a bit, but thickly lays on the atmospherics through a spacey, effected vocal line and strange sonic accents. A persistent, melodic bass line with a slight retro feel keeps the drive solid and in place. Both “Stay” and “Where You Feel It” also come with Dub versions attached, taking things sparser and deeper with an emphasis on the low-end groove. It’s an outstanding release from Home Audio Recordings and Dance Spirit, sure to be a mainstay of DJ playlists for a long time.

Joshua Iz - “Nice … Deep and spacey!”
Makossa & Megablast - “Solid and deep stuff.”
Jota Wagner (Colors Sound System / Lunatic Jazz) - ”Super dubby grooves … I like what I hear.”
Eddie Spettro (Uniform Recordings) - “Both the Original and Dub versions of ‘Where You Feel It’ are in my box!”
Craig Stewart (Universe Media / DCSTrax) - “Superb material for the dance floor … Both original mixes are super deep & hot!”
Tyler Stadius - “Classy, timeless deep house.”
Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica FM) - “Sweet and dreamy … soulful and deep.”
Doc Link (Liberate Recordings) - “Solid work overall!”
Leo Portela - “The EP has a cool and dark atmosphere for chillin’ out or groovin’ it out!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “A stunner of a release … Quality in each track, but the flow and bounce of ‘Where You Feel It’ is outstanding.”
Michael Fossati (The Spirit Of House) - “The uber-cool, deeper than deep ‘Stay’ is the one. for its lascivious vocals and melodies and the smooth yet infectious rhythms.”
Dean Facer (United Colors Of House) - “This is REAL HOUSE MUSIC !!!!!”

Additional support from Luciano, Danny Tenaglia, Maceo Plex, Giom, Android Cartel, Slam, Omid 16B, Beppe Gioia, Philogresz, Bangana, Sami Wentz, and Tommy Largo.

Available now fromBeatport