The Veda Rays - All Your Pretty Fates (The Scott Hardkiss Remixes) (God Within Recordings)

After his acclaimed binary star-studded album Technicolor Dreamer and its epic intergalactic remixes, Scott Hardkiss introduces a new collaboration through his God Within label. It’s with buzzing Brooklyn-based indie-rock band The Veda Rays, an artsy, psychedelic noise pop quartet that, like Scott, are aiming far beyond this solar system. Scott originally bonded with the band’s drummer, engineer and mixer Jason Gates who, as a “brother in rhythm” also fascinated with music technology both archaic and futuristic, was enlisted to work on Technicolor Dreamer. The pairing flourished and as Jason formed his own Veda Rays project Scott became eager to get involved. “All Your Pretty Fates,” the lead track from The Veda Rays’ debut Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays, was chosen as the cut to get the full-on Scott Hardkiss treatment. Scott’s acumen at adding tasteful electronic beats and spaciness to rock n’ roll originals is well known through his past remixes for the likes of The Flaming Lips, Dean & Britta, Primal Scream, and even Elton John. The Veda Rays happily submitted to this treatment and the result is a hypnotic groover that showcases the band’s sublime vocals (courtesy of lead-singer James Stark) and instrumentation alongside Scott’s cutting-edge beats, arrangement and synthesized whiz-bang. The remix, found here in Vocal, Instrumental and Acapella versions, is a dreamy, Balearic, indie-dance delight guaranteed to mesmerize any interplanetary rave-up or cosmic disco. As an added bonus, Q-Burns Abstract Message saunters in from his Eighth Dimension to unveil a stunning Re-Edit of Scott’s mix that steps on the cosmic gas pedal for even more shimmery shoegaze-tronica. Beautiful, emotive stuff here, and a harbinger of both future excellence from rising stars The Veda Rays and another installment in imaginative, musical dance-fusions from Scott Hardkiss.

Justin Harris (Music For Freaks) - “It’s a very interesting and pleasurable track. Scott did a great job … a respectful redo, indeed.”
All Good Funk Alliance - “Very pretty. I could tell right off the bat that this was going to a special song. Sweet grooves!”
Phat Phil Cooper (NuNorthern Soul) - “Bloody lovely stuff, real dreamy …”
Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe) - “Shoegaze meets Balearic bliss? I’m down!”
Cloned In Vatican (Disco Volante) - “A very stylish fusion between Indie and Electronica.”
Will SumSuch (UrbanTorque) - “I’m really liking this. Definitely one for the end of the night.”
Fine Cut Bodies - “Nice laid back disco vibe!”
Below Zero Radio Show - “Anything with Scott Hardkiss and Q-Burns Abstract Message attached to it is all right by us. Nice work.”
Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY) - “Beautiful tune! I’ll be playing this a lot, for sure.”
Brewster Brigham (KISS FM, Australia) - “Music to make people happy. Spot on!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “The track has an everlasting tint that can work between many styles of music, from fascinating eighties tracks to sun-dressed nu-Balearics to sophisticated indie dance.”
Eric Duncan (Dr. Dunks / Rub-n-Tug) - “YEAH!!!”

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