KiloWatts - Windsong (Harmonious Discord)

Jamie Watts aka KiloWatts has an impressive body of work represented on the Harmonious Discord imprint. He has been an integral component to the shaping of the label’s sound, first appearing on HD with a glitched-out breaks contribution back in early 2004. Since then KiloWatts has been featured on three artist EPs, two remixes, and one sampler contribution for Harmonious Discord revealing his unique take on tech-house and IDM.

In early 2012 KiloWatts announced that he was planning on releasing a year-long project album, titled Acceptitude, focused on a return to his roots as a piano virtuoso. On the album, live piano was used to create musical compositions and marry them with electronic synthesis, effects, and sound manipulation. The project first appeared in a Kickstarter campaign where the fans not only helped Jamie reach his goal but shatter his projection. It is this type of organic fan connection that makes one love artists like KiloWatts.

As big fans of Acceptitude , Harmonious Discord chose one of their favorite album tracks for this latest single. “Windsong” is a hypnotic dream sequence blown away by brisk winds of change. It mixes precise sonic definition with happy accidents in time and space. Some great producers from the HD roster were selected to present their spin on “Windsong” … Ill76, Vital, and label boss PointBender (remixing another album cut, “End of the Year”) all bring their unique style to the remix project. From warehouse techno, to breezy electronic lushness, to deep four-on-the-floor house … Harmonious Discord keeps pushing the boundaries while catering to a variety of dance music tastes. With the inclusion of an exclusive new KiloWatts tune, the rhythmically daring “Three’s Threes,” this release should bring a fresh breath to the tech landscape.

Bushwacka! - “Vital’s remix is nice.”
Nick Warren - “Great release … all very cool indeed.”
[a]pendics.shuffle - “The original ‘Windsong’ is a cool one.”
Will SumSuch (DeepWit / Etoka) - “What a stunning package. So nice to hear some real artistry here … it’s all too rare these days. The original of ‘Windsong’ is just incredible, and the Vital remix is superb ,too. I’m also loving the Pointbender remix. Excellent all round!”
Makossa & Megablast - “Solid stuff.”
Adam Collins (Omni A.M.) - “Far out. Love it.”
Javier Varez (Alma Soul Music) - “‘Three’s Three’ is amazing!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Rocking sound … loads of nice sonic space created with the synths.”
Michele Vitucci (BTE Podcast) - “Massive release.”
Eric Davenport - “I’m really liking III76 Remix … it’s moody and groovy.”
Zach McCullough (Dance ’Til You’re Dead) - “Interesting use of textures here. It’s kinda like idiosyncratic house for an after-hours party during Holi Festival or something like that.”
DJ Aldrin (Zouk Club) - “I’m feeling the Ill76 & Vital remixes.”
Maxim Ryzhkov (Free Ends Multistyle Show, Russia) - “Awesome … I love this music!”
Jochen Saelens (Moustache Music) - “The original version of ‘Windsong’ is definitely a nice and intelligent piece! The Vital remix is the nicest and deepest interpretation, ready to be played in quality underground clubs. ‘Three’s Threes’ made me do an extra effort to analyze it, which is a very good sign, as I like some more difficult pieces.”

Available now from Beatport