Makossa & Megablast - Soy Como Soy (Luv Lite Recordings)

From the primordial drum beat of Africa, we have come far. The earliest origin of rhythmic drum objects and talking drums of the motherland, to the brand new long player from Vienna’s finest electronic drum ensemble Makossa & Megablast. Welcome to Soy Como Soy. In 2007 the duo, along with a host of talented singers and musicians, created quite a stir with their debut album Kunuaka on G-Stone Recordings, receiving high praise from musical luminaries such as Gilles Peterson, Carl Craig, and Laurent Garnier. With its tight, precise, and sharply exact production the DJ’s, and festival crowds who experienced the live shows, couldn’t get enough of Kunuaka.

For 2011, the duo of Makossa & Megablast have returned to Luv Lite’s Vienna studio for a bit more retro analog knob twiddling and collaborations with the freshest and most innovative musicians and vocalists. The result is the superb Soy Como Soy album, built upon the pair’s musical experiences, states, and situations of the past four years. Makossa & Megablast do a fantastic job of applying them to Soy Como Soy. The guys have come home, and are better for it. Sounds are even tighter, more precise and exact. Suspenseful, trippy analog synths and other tinted sounds, the scrupulous drums, percussion and forceful bass lines, all nicely inconspicuous from their travels and their tales. A real a fusion of organic Afro-Latin beats. Vocalists illuminate the scenes and the songs, all recorded live and direct in the Luv Lite studio as opposed to Internet distance. This all gels together to form the fantastic sonic stew found on Soy Como Soy.

The album includes these six songs which are highlighted in the player above:

Wangu (featuring Tony Allen and OG Spiritual Godess)
"Wangu," which means "my one," is a trippy afro-beat fusion based on a heavyweight 60’s rhythm sample from Tony Allen (formerly Fela Kuti’s rhythm section mastermind. It’s the perfect setting for the traditional ‘Shona’ language of OG Spiritual Godess.

Bailalo (featuring Cleydys Villalon) 
This catchy floor burner has a dominant synth line accompanying Cleydys Villalon’s voice. The vocoder effect gives the song an even edgier drive, making this possibly the most accessible track on the album. Bailalo = Let’s dance!

Kinky Ebony
A killer instrumental afro-acid-tech tool made for heavy club use. The percussion elements melt into a driving, constantly modulating bass line. In sync with the rhythm section various effects fade in and out in a wild and sexy manner, keeping the tension level high. Awesome stuff.

Coming Home (featuring Hubert Tubbs)
A mid-tempo track that builds on a string arrangement and a catchy poly-rhythmic syncopated beat. The lyrics are based on Megablast’s personal life experiences, shared and interpreted through the intense vocals of Mr. Hubert Tubbs (a former member of US funk band Tower Of Power).

Shalo Baby (featuring OG Spiritual Godess)
OG gets personal over a family drama that took place in the early nineties, repeating itself within two generations. Another afro-fusion track with an eclectic cosmic nu-disco touch.

If I U Me (featuring Martine-Nicole Rojina)
Psychedelic day-dreaming at its best. Evocative strings, laid-back electronic layers, and Martine’s voice processed in the echo chamber create an easy-going feel taking you back to the glory days of Portishead.

Recloose - “I’m really digging this, interesting and unique approach to electronic and African styles!”
Robin Lee (Faze Action) - “Sonically amazing with a hefty nod of appreciation to some heavy-weight musicians here. Updating the sound of afro-beat to take it into the next century.”
UnaBombers - “Love everything these guys do and this just adds to the Makossa & Megablast legend. ‘Bailalo’ is off the scale.”
Johnwaynes - “Always a fusion from the roots of ancient sounds to pure techno. Support!”
Tim Goldsworthy (DFA) - “The OG Spiritual Godess tracks are awesome!”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “Super hot all around … everything here is top notch.”
Stuart Patterson (East Village / Faith) - “Wow … what a killer afro- meets electronica selection. Loving in it all. I can see lots of club play for ‘Wangu’ and ‘Coming Home.’”
René Josquin ( / We Are … Radio Show) - “Simply hot package! One of the acts to book for the next festival season.”
Bob Duskis (Six Degrees Records) - “I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one. I love Makossa & Megablast’s unique production skillz and their tracks always kill on the dance-floor!”

Available Now From Juno Download and Beatport