New Mondo ft. Lisa Shaw - I Want Cha 'Remixed' (Transport Recordings)

Featuring the lovely vocals of Lisa Shaw, “I Want Cha" was certainly a highlight from New Mondo’s 2010 album Total Control. NowTransport Recordings revisits the song with a quartet of new remixes that take the track in new, surprising directions, showing how this great song can translate to different house music flavors. First off, New Mondo’s DJ MFR reveals a mix in his sleek and deep San Francisco-honed style with some subtle tech-house elements. Fellow New Mondo member Vincent Kwok takes things a bit funkier with a punchy bass line, spacious percussion, and deep, layered pads. Italian producerDoc Vintage revs up the energy with a remix that features tribal-ish rhythms, bright acoustic guitars playing against Lisa’s vocal, and rising synth lines. Finally, fellow Italian producer Devid Morrison takes “I Want Cha” to the big rooms, coaxing out a version that builds with a melodic, peak time European style that’ll be a lot of fun on the right dance floors. The four cuts make for another top notch package from Transport, ideal for house music DJ’s looking for catchy songs, gorgeous vocals, and tight rhythms.

Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Vincent Kwok keeps the track building! I’m really into that mix.”
Simon Mackay (SMM Productions, Thailand) - With his remix, MFR has taken a good track and made it even better. The track has a solid bass line coupled with well-timed vocals and synth sounds. Full support.”
Henri Kohn (Conya) - “Vincent Kwok does it again. Killer remix!”
Nick Holder (DNH) - “Well rounded! DJ MFR Deep Mix is dope. The vocals are proper!”
Joshua Heath (Golden State) - “Vincent knows how to make a jam. His beats are always air tight.”
Soulfulbros - “DJ MFR in top form … deep the way we love.”
Pierre Ravan (KaRavan) - “Groovy and catchy. Lisa Shaw has one my favorite voices.”
Groove Junkies - “It’s a toss up on the face mix between Vincent’s and MFR. All round solid package.”
dj hWah (Deeper Music blog) - “Dope dope dope dope! Lisa Shaw’s voice is heaven sent and all of the producers take care of it in this release.”

Also supported by Jask, Jay West, Hippie Torrales, DJ Style, Mannix, Doc Link, Nacho Marco, Alexander East, and Christos Kedras.

Available now from Beatport and Traxsource